Husband on graveyard shift...suggestions?

Vicki - posted on 06/22/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there. My husband works in paving and just started 2 months of graveyard. He will be getting home eating and then coming to bed just as my 16mo and I are getting up. I'm looking for tips on how to get things done while hes sleeping. I figure its summer so we can spend lots of time outside. Oh and also ideas for what to do when you're home in the evening alone. Any tips are appreciated Thanks!


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Gina - posted on 06/23/2010




My husband works crazy hours being a full time cook, part time sound tech at our church and playing in a couple of bands - there are some weeks I end up sending a text to ask him "Which job are you at right now?"
I'd do any cleaning or chores (like putting laundry away - and doing the laundry if you are particular about putting it away directly from the dryer) in the room where he sleeps while he's NOT there. You might also consider a "white noise" machine if you're worried about waking him. Sometimes even a "somewhat" loud fan will do the trick & is less costly than the white noise system!
Be attentive of your baby's more energetic play patterns - if they tend to be louder when "dad" is trying to FALL asleep, that would be a good time to do things in another part of the house or outside. If you can't go outside due to weather, consider scheduling a "play date" with some other moms at an indoor venue (think kid's museum, play area at a restaurant or hotel swimming pools - they often charge a nominal fee for non-guest use) and give yourself, the babies, and sleepy dad a change of pace on a dreary day.
When I did "shift" work I used melatonin faithfully to help my sleep patterns be more regular as well as more restorative. Some people (like me) swear by it, others don't find it useful. You might need some "black out" shades for your bedroom windows (I LOVE those, they are great for when you have the opportunity - and I know you've got them so often with a 16 mo , eventually you'll get them back - just to sleep in really late.
Check out a google search on "sleep and shift work" I bet you'll get TONS of ideas!

Lacye - posted on 06/22/2010




my bf works the graveyard shift. when he's asleep in the afternoons, i take my 13 month old outside or to one of my family members house to spend sometime with them. during the morning time, he stays up for a little while and plays with our daughter for a little while. when he goes to bed, and we aren't able to go outside or go to someone's house, i sit down with her and play with blocks or one of her other toys. i usually do house work when she's down for a nap or after she goes to bed for the night and he's off to work.

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