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Becky - posted on 01/27/2018 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm feeling totally overwhelmed. My husband will be out of town for 7 days. We have a very active 1 year old and I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant with morning sickness hell on and off all day.

How do women do this??? I feel so down and hormonal and wondering how I'm going to make it being mom 24/7.

Any tips?? I have made some plans during the week to make sure we get out and see people. ☺️


Ashley - posted on 02/02/2018




ew yes the first trimester is the WORST! I'm 20 weeks now with a 25 month old boy (just turned two in december) who can be super whinny and eats all the time.
I find myself thinking lately "man this was easier the first time around when i didnt have a child to take care off and my husband could take care of himself" those days are gone :/ so tips? um give yourself a break.
id get up when my son did, or leave him in his room till a certain time if he was content in the morning so i could try to sleep in, then pretty much get him and his cup of juice and a up of dry cereal and turn on cartoons for another hour on my bedrooms so he could be content next to me while i just lay there some more. this is what i did not maybe whats recommended.
i also put my son, still, in his room from like 12-3 in hopes he will fall asleep for a two hour nap, he usually stays awake half of that time playing contently by himself with legos or trains and gets in his bed when hes ready. during this time i would put my feet up and sleep the whole entire time cuz mommas tired in that first trimester.
and i didnt do this cuz my husband was here but i would have put my son to bed earlier if need be. so i could get to bed earlier.
for the morning sickness, even if your not feeling it, try to eat something every hour or 2. i didnt my last pregnancy and ended up like not eating the whole time and being sick. but this time i forced myself cuz i was hungry just nauseous and when i ate the sick feeling usually almost went away or gum was my best friend to get through the day in public so i wouldn't like puke while at the grocery store trying to shop for our family with my son.

you got this its only 7 days!

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