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my husband works from about 6am til 4pm...and im at home with our 18month old...he doesnt really complain but when i ask him to take the baby for a walk or watch her while i go in the room and get a lil rest...he always says something smart like "wat you restin from, all you really do is sit at home' or "rest for wat you dnt do nothin all day". he says he just be jokin but its so hard to get him to see that just because im at home doesnt mean wat i do is easy...does anyone have any advice or is anyone goin through something like this


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Jessica - posted on 03/24/2010




I did for a long time and literally leave him with the baby for a couple hours and let him see what exactly you do all day. Thats what I did with my husband and I have 3 kids and he was calling me within the first 10 min I left asking me q's like where are their clothes what fits where are their diapers do I use cream etc. He never complains ( or not as much and appreciates me a lot more now) when I ask to relax. I think that men lack that sensitive nurturing side and they are the biggest babies but they think that women are the same in the head as they are and they would never complain to another man WELL GUESS WHAT MEN WE ARENT LIKE YOU AND WE NEED LOVE AND COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING ANS DONT CONFUSE NORMAL NEEDS FOR OVERLY SENSITIVE AND NEEDY.

Jennifer - posted on 03/24/2010




My husband used to say a lot of stuff like that til I told him how much it hurt my feelings. He always said he was joking and he still says he always meant it as a joke, but I know he didn't. He just never really understood how much energy it took to take care of our three children and clean and cook. Sometimes men just don't understand how much their words hurt.If I were you, I would just tell him "honey, I know you mean it as a joke, but it doesn't feel like a joke to me and it really hurts my feelings." He still may slip from time to time, but he should back off a little. My husband is a wonderful man and I love him with all my heart, but he is still a man, and most men just don't understand until you come straight out and tell them. They don't take hints very well.

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