Husbands/SO's glued to screens!

Cleopatra - posted on 02/03/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm jus' venting here but I'm sure I'm not the only one that has to deal with a husband or significant other that spends all his free time playing video games and/or watching tv and completely tunes out what his children are doing. I am the official "bad guy" of my household due to my husband's lack of interest in our kid's lives. When one of our children gets in trouble.. example; comes home with a note from the teacher or gets in a fight with a neighborhood kid.. they lose a privilege, (tv time, video game, etc.) But in my home, I am always the one to dish out the consequences. With three pre-teens I am always bringing bad behavior to my Hub's attention. I define the punishment, he agrees.. the next thing I know he's off in his own world glued to a tv screen and the child is doing whatever they want, including what they were told not to. My kids give me attitude and cold shoulders now. They think dad doesn't care if mom says no. He has made me "the bad guy" because if it wasn't for me opening my mouth they know they would be able to get away with anything. I don't really have a question here, I've talked with Hubby abouth this, (time and time again) and there is still no change. I jus' needed to get it out. I'm so frustrated!


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My husband doesn't do anything like that, but my father did. He was always glued to the tv set. Even when I started playing sports in school, he wouldn't come to most of the games, because that would mean he would miss his Star Trek! It really hurt me a lot, and as an adult now, I still have resentment towards him because of it. Your kids may be giving you a hard time now, but I promise you that when they get a little older they will appriciate you and know that you really cared about them. I never talked to my dad about my feelings, partly because I couldn't get his attention away from the tv set long enough, and partly because I just didn't know what to say. I really think you should sit down with your kids and discuss with them how they feel about their father, and maybe help them talk to him about it also.


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Oh yes the dreaded tv.... I love my husband but it is like having another child around sometimes. I hate the tv and if I could I would just get rid of it. I always use the "set by example" line on my husband.

Stefanie - posted on 02/04/2010




It's great to vent my hubby isnt as bad But loves playing xbox and does cut into family time so I have a slight idea of what you mean.

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