I always have spots on all our shirts. Whats the best detergent and spot remover?

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Whenever I put on a shirt I notice a spot the same color of the clothing. Is my detergent not strong enough? What does everyone use?


Sarah - posted on 08/19/2010




i use gain, but i find the baby oxyclean spray will remove ANYTHING!! my son (now 4) had acid reflux and his clothes and bibs always had milk stains i couldnt get rid of, i was told to try it and it got the milk stains out first try after it was washed and dried like 20 times before with no sucess

Katie - posted on 08/19/2010




your clothes may not begetting rinsed well. If you use liquid fabric softener it could be the fabric softener. I use and love Tide on all of my clothes, even the babies. This is mainly because it is what my grandmother used to wash all her laundry and second because of the type of work my husband does the discount brands do not get all the dirt, smell and fiberglass out of his clothes. I also throw those tide stain release packs in the washer and use a color safe bleach in all my loads. Even the whites. I also use the natures source spot treatment but have heard the oxyclean gel stick works real well too. Hope you are able to get those spots out of your clothes.
Just a quick suggestion. Throw a load in the washer, if you have a top loader and fill it with water and baking soda and let it soak over night. If there is a lot of detergent and fabric softener left in and on the clothes it will all come out. Remember you only need 1/4 aof a cap of each in your wash. Too much leaves residue both on our clothes, in our machines and is wasteful.


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