I am 37 weeks + 4days pregnant n wud like sum self induction tips please?

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Im 37 weeks + 4days pregnant wit baby number 3. I am so very tired of being tired, it take hours for me 2 fall asleep then im up 2 pee at least twice a night then i wake up incredibly early n cant go back 2 sleep. i have heartburn constantly n can feel the baby kicking me from inside my ribs n it hurts. I jus want it out now, i woz wondering if any1 had ne self induction tips that work.


Louise - posted on 06/14/2011




Can I strongly suggest you tough it out! I moaned to my consultant about the sleepless nights and pelvic pain I was in so he induced me which went pear shaped because my cervix was not ready. After 24 hours in labour and getting nowhere with my third baby I ended up having a c section which I really did not want. I really wished I had waited until my body was ready. Apparently a very high proportion of induced births end the same way.

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sex sex sex lol... when i was pregnant with my daughter who is now 18months (number 5) i couldnt take it no more and my doc told us to have sex alot well we did alot lol and i went into labour at 36 weeks and she weighed just over 8lbs thank god i had a healthy baby they say that after 37 weeks there lungs are mature so good luck :) oh i did walk too but not too much

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I tried self induction things and they helped but I was also farther along. I was 41 weeks and 2 days with one pregnancy (I did nipple stimulation but again my body was ready and also it could have been a coincidence of timing) With my twins I was overdue by 5 days and I ate spicy thai food and took some raspberry leaf tea. I was in labour that night. Trust me I understand what you are feeling especially when I remember my twin pregnancy and being overdue with that one. I was lucky to sleep 2 to 3 hours a night and I had 2 cracked ribs too. You can do it! Keep you and your baby safe. Hang in there. He/she will come at the most perfect time. A few more weeks really isn't too long. I know you will do great in the midst of the waiting!! :)

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The day my water broke I went stir crazy! The whole "nesting" thing came true without me even realizing it. Remind you I was 37 weeks pregnant with twins.... I spent all day cleaning, did laundry, changed the sheets on out bed, cleaned the garage and put the car seats in the car. Minutes after I sat down to finally relax for the evening my water broke, and I was off to the hospital! So when it happens it will happen. I was miserable! I begged my doctors to induce me early, but they insisted I wait till 38 weeks. The longer they incubate the better! (unless of course they come out earlier on their own)

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Getting my membranes stripped didn't do anything for me

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when i was pregnant with my first the dr told me sex sex sex and to take a hot shower and have a orgasm is supposed to help also but it never worked for us we did it like bunnies like 5+ times a day starting at 37 weeks lol

then with my second my husband made me watch a comedy and went into labour easy

Lindz - posted on 06/17/2011




spicy (not just kind-of-hot) foods, exercise (walking is great), sex..

Helen - posted on 06/17/2011




Thanks 4 all the advice.
Im 38 weeks 2day, been n seen my midwife this morning and the baby is engaged and ave been given the thumbs up 2 try the remedies suggested.

Kim - posted on 06/16/2011




The tiredness isn't going to end once the baby is born. Enjoy having the last few weeks to yourself.

Karen - posted on 06/16/2011




Just hang on and wait. Your body will go into labour when it's ready. Term is considered anything from 38 to 42 weeks.

Jessica - posted on 06/16/2011




Definitely try a pedicure, I had one and I started labor the same day... I had to have pitocin to speed things up but the pedicure was the only thing that worked for me, I tried everything else except castor oil.

Kristen - posted on 06/15/2011




Lots of squats and walking, also sit on a birthing ball and rotate your hips from side to side!

Hope - posted on 06/15/2011




You might want to check with your obgyn. You're past the 37wk mark and if your little one is doing fine with no problems then he/she might have some ideas for you. I had to be induced at 37wks for severe preeclampsia and an infarction on my son's placenta was limiting oxygen and nutrients to him so nicu dated him at 34 wks. The infarction never showed up on an ultrasound. My son was forcept delivery and placental abruption. He needed to be resusitated before his first cry. I was also on bedrest for a month before 37wks because of hypertention. I am glad that my son and I are doing so well now. He's a very healthy little boy- thank God. Sadly for me preeclampsia was in my family history, so I was surprised when it hit me so suddenly. I just wish the dr would have told me more about my fam history and etc. to rule me out of being a normal pregnancy. Anyway, before hypertention, I was also seeing a midwife and obgyn. She suggested sex at 37 wks if everything went well as an induction to labor process. We thought the baby would be big at birth. He was 3 lbs 14 oz. We expected a 9 lb one by weight of my husband at birth. I don't really know if sex works for everyone, but she suggested it. :)

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none of that ever worked for me. i have always gone within the day when i asked the doctor to have my membranes stripped. this loosens up the mucus plug. the first time with my first son didnt work but the second time he did it a few days later it worked within hours. my second and third children i went into labor hours after i was stripped. some docs wont do it til they think you are good and ready. but they usually will do it at 37 weeks and each time you go back if it doesnt take. i will warn you that this is a bit painful to get stripped. but if you are sick of being pregnant and your doc says you are ok to go that day then do it. oh and after for extra go home and have sex..and walk. haha this is what i did. also with my third the hospital said i was in labor but because i have a history of long labors and they didnt have the room really they said i would be more comfortable at home. i was mad cuz i was in LABOR. i didnt want to go home so i did and got in a very warm tub cuz the nurse told me to and i was in for 3 min and my water broke. i so shouldve have left. they were crazy. anyways i dont know if the bath water did anything. i never had it do it before. One last thing.....DO NOT STRIP YOUR OWN MEMBRANES and dont let someone else do it that isnt your doctor. They know what they are doing.

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Get someone to give you quite a hard foot massage. There is a pressure point that will bring on labour. I know this works because a friend of mine is a massage therapist and they are told not to massage pregnant women's feet. A lady went to him in an early unwanted pregnancy and asked him to massage her feet to see if it worked or she was going to get an abortion and it worked for her. Sad story but it works.

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a friend told me to do the three hot things 1. hot showers 2. hot foods, 3. hot sex!

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Baby being born too early can cause major problems. Tough it out just a little longer. It's worth all the discomfort to have a baby that is fully developed and healthy.

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Have you had an internal yet? Are you dilated or soft at all. If so then the body is ready, it just needs a little more time. Walking seemed to help start my labor, but neither wanted to come out Once the labor actually started and I ended up with 2 sections ( actually, my son didn't want to come out, and my daughter ended up emergency section).

Do what you are cOmfortable doing. Walking, sex, and light exercise. The day will be here before you know it. Good Luck and I wish you a speedy and painfree labor

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thats how i was all the time but the dr told my baby at 37weeks...she had to...you r going to stay tried in to u have that baby my baby is 7 months old in she was my frist one i was so tried all the way into i had her..hope this helps u...

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You have to be careful with the relaxing baths though. If the water is too hot, it can hurt the baby. Nothing will make you go into labor. All 3 of mine were late. Well, my son was induced on his actual due date. Before I was walking 2 miles a day, eating ice cream, doing all the things people said to do. NOTHING!! Baby 2 was 4 days late. Same with her, exercising, walking, etc. Baby 3 was 1 day late. I was on bed rest with her b/c the Dr swore I would deliver by 34 weeks b/c my cervix was delivery soft the entire time! I would sneak around and walk as much as I could, take my other kids to school, whatever I could do(after 36 weeks of course). The baby will not come until he or she is ready. Don't force it. Enjoy the pregnancy while you can. You don't have much longer to wait

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You have to remember to try and relax also. I know that sounds extremely difficult, but the baby won't come if you are stressed. Relaxing baths do wonders. The last little bit of the pregnancy is always the worst, but it is completely worth it in the end. The last couple weeks will go by, and then you won't even have time to remember all the aches and pains, and peeing all night long. And then months down the road you'll look back on it and realize it was utterly and completely worth it. Just hold on tight. Your baby will be on his/her way soon :) Good luck!

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walk lots, sit on excerise ball to help baby drop and put pressure on ur cervics, eat eggplant, pineapple, old fashion licorish, spicy food, walk up stairs, go for a drive on a bump road, or rub ur ankles (theres a pressure point there that can start labor. GOOD LUCK

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I totally agree with Sara nothing is going to work unless the baby and your body is ready, walking alot and gentle exercise do help, sex, raspberry leaf tea, warm relaxing baths, nipple stimulation are all things that you could try, avoid drinking castor oil or eating hot currys cause they are not going help you or the baby at all, and whatever you do do not attempt to rupture your own membranes cause this is just incredibly dangerous.
I know you feel uncomfortable every woman who ever has a baby goes through the same thing but sadly we all just have to suck it and deal with it cause it doesn't last long and the end result makes it all worth it :)

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Pretty much anything you try won't work unless baby is ready. Try to remember that baby will come soon. I'm 35 weeks, I know it's hard to wait, but baby needs to grow a little more. Sex and nipple stimulation can help (when the baby is ready).

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