I am a house wife . i lost my husband four years ago .I have a 15 year old daughter .last two years ago I had marriage. but my daughter cannot accept my second husband . He is a good but when he anger he cannot control himself I don't know what to do ? Plz suggest me


Pam - posted on 03/25/2014




You don't give a lot of information.

I am going to leave your daughter out of it for the moment. It could be that she is going through her own grieving and adjustment process which is made worse by the whole 15 year old girl adolescence process.
It also could be that your daughter senses something wrong about your new husband and is feeling protective of you.

I want to focus in on the statement "he is good" BUT can't control himself when he is angry.
From www.focusonthefamily.com :"It's important to distinguish between emotional abuse and an occasional outburst of anger," cautions Dr. Margaret J. Rinck, author, speaker, and Christian counselor who specializes in treating abuse victims and abusers. "Everyone has a bad day once in a while and responds with a harsh or negative word." Emotional abuse is an ongoing pattern of behavior designed to control, manipulate and subjugate another that usually occurs behind closed doors.
If any of these sound like your husband...call a hotline (US & Canada 1-800-799-7233; UK 0808 2000 247) and talk to someone

Examples of emotionally abusive behaviors include:

Humiliating and degrading
Discounting, distorting and negating
Accusing and blaming
Withholding affection and emotional support
Withholding financial resources
Dismissive, disapproving, or contemptuous looks, comments or behavior
Threatening harm to an individual's pets, possessions or person

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