I am a new mom with a 2 month old girl. I am trying to determine how much clothes to buy through one year. I love garage sales but don't want to go to overboard so any info. would be helpful.


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I have gotten a TON of great clothes through www.freecycle.org  Basically, you go to the website, join and then you post a message of what you are looking for.  For example : Wanted : newborn clothing size 0-3 months : your town.  Then if someone has what you are looking for, they email you and you arrange to meet with them to get it.  A lot of the clothes I've gotten for my son still had tags on them!  Then, as he outgrows things, I post them on the website and pass them on to someone else. 

If you buy things, one way to save money is to buy a size larger than you need.  That way things may be a little baggy at first but you will get longer wear from them.  Hope this helped.

Kerri - posted on 02/26/2009




Hey Angela...Just adding my two cents here!

When my daughter was an infant, I purchased all of her clothing at the end of each season, for the  next year, i.e.  at the end of summer I would purchase clothing for the next summer and at the end of winter I would purchase clothing for the next winter.  It saved me sooo much money!  Stores cut clothing by 80% at the end of the season in an effort to get rid of it!  Luckily my daughter's age ran with the sizes and it was easy to estimate what size she would be wearing the next season.  I also had a cousin that was 1 year behind my daughter and every year we resold all of her clothes to the younger cousin!  This also helped out a lot!

Chelsye - posted on 02/26/2009




I'm not sure where you live but here (near Dallas, TX) we have tons of children's resale shops (Once Upon a Child, Kid to Kid, etc). They have great clothes for great deals. Another thing, if your child's growth IS lining up with her age, then there's a pretty good chance she'll continue to be that way. Buy clothes on clearance! Example: my husband and I have been hitting up a ton of sales lately (Carter's, The Children's Place, Old Navy, Gap baby) and buying clearanced priced items for the upcoming seasons. Our daughter already has a full wardrobe for the rest of the year other than special occassion items. A lot of the stuff we bought for her were between $.75 and $3. She has a pretty full wardrobe for the entire year for a total of about $300. That's including new shoes and all. It's out there! Just sign up for e-mail and mailing lists and you'll get tons of coupons, too.

Sarah - posted on 02/26/2009




I can't say how much clothes to buy what I can tell you is there is a store where I live that has second hand clothes that are in very good shape. The way it works there is you can buy clothes from them and also sell clothes back to them weather it is a new outfit or used as well when your child out grows them. So that could save you lots of money by getting cheaper clothes and money back for them.

Joy - posted on 02/26/2009




dont go overboard, they grow so fast. Buy several of the essentials (depending if its hot or cold where u live) and a few going out outfits and let them outgrow till you buy more otherwise you are just wasting money. I already have full size garbage bags full of my sons clothes and he is only 6 months old half of which he never wore. I have learnt my lesson. I buy him singlets to wear at home and a couple of onealls for going out and then some pj's for night time. BUT do buy lots and lots of bibs, can never have too many bibs!!

Deborah - posted on 02/25/2009




Definitely where your baby is on the growth chart should be considered but another tip I would add is pay attention to what stages she is in with what style of clothes you buy her. My daughter hated wearing dressing when she was in the crawling stage so I had a lot of dresses that never got worn. Then consider toddler stage as the time when they really get active and need more play clothes that they will get stained.

Ashley - posted on 02/25/2009




I would always make sure you have at leas t a ew outfits in each size up because it really is like "poof" and they no longer fit thier old clothes :). Thankfully I had a sister and friend with sons just older than mine so I got their good hand-me-downs. Also remember you may have more clothes than you need. My son now has a closet full of non functional clothes!

Jana - posted on 02/25/2009




I agree with Julie, it really does depend on how fast they grow.  My 18 month old just got into 12 month sizes so most of the things I bought in advance didn't line up with the weather. (but she still wore them in layers)  I can't really put a number on the clothes you will need.  I would just have enough to get through a least a week.  But since you are doing the garage sale thing, I say if you are finding great deals, buy it!  You'll use it if you have it. 

A couple things to keep in mind when you are shopping.  All brands run different!!!  Not all 3-6 months are the same size.  Plus your little one might grow where she wears a different size bottom and top.  So I wouldn't spend a ton of effort making an outfit, just incase her top/bottom aren't the same size as she grows.  I would look for colors that go together no matter what size they are.  Ok I'm starting to ramble...but if you can find good deals at garage sales then stock up!  Then you won't feel guilty if you need to pay full price for something out of desperation when she is a little older.

Ok I'm done now, I didn't mean to ramble :)

Julie - posted on 02/25/2009




Well...it will all depend on how fast your little one grows!  My sister's kids were out of newborns and into 3-6 months before we knew it...and before they should have been....My near four month old however can still fit into her NEWBORN clothes!  But I would at least have two outfits for each day of the week in each size...Spitting up and such happens :)  Good luck!

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