i am a stay at home mom and i love it but im just not use to being bye myself and a baby 24 hours a day


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OroStoll - posted on 10/21/2013




As your baby grows it gets easier in my experience. My daughter is 1 now and she keeps me very busy. :) The older they get the more things you can do.

How old is your baby?

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You shouldn't be by yourself all day. A big part of our jobs as stay at home moms is to socialize and educate our children. A lot can be done at home academically speaking, but we need other people around, not for the social aspect of parenting our children, but to keep ourselves happy, motivated, and connected.

How old is your little one? Children as young as 8 months can benefit from Mommy&Me classes, story time at local bookstores and libraries, or strolls through the park or around town. This is also the best time to enjoy some culture on your own--explore galleries and museums while the baby is young and confined to a stroller because once he or she is walking, places like this will be difficult for a good year or so. You will still take the baby to museums and galleries, but it will be a completely different experience and you won't be able to appreciate the art the way you can when the baby is smaller.

Once the baby is 3 or 4, you can enroll him or her in sports and other more independent activities where you can meet other moms, or drop the child off to enjoy some time to yourself.

Create a tight circle of moms that you can swap babysitting services with. I created a moms book club at our local library. We met during the toddler story time to read and discuss more adult books. Through chatting, we formed some pretty strong friendships, and now we take turns keeping each other's kids so that we can go out without footing a heavy babysitter bill.

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