I am becoming a zombie!!! HELP ME!

Sylvia - posted on 02/21/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My baby boy is about 7 months and a week old. He has been sleeping through the night since around 3 and 1/2 months. All of a sudden a couple weeks ago he has started waking up in the middle of the night atleast once but usually its 2 or 3 times. When I go to pick him up he is really crying hard but his eyes are closed almost as if he's still asleep. If i pick him up he goes back to sleep in my arms but usually wakes up when i lay him back down. If i just leave him in the crib he becomes fully awake anyway. So most nights I am spending atleast 3 hours picking him up and laying him back down. Its hard for me to sleep because I am worried he is going to wake up any second. And honestly its starting to worry me because of how he seems to almost still be asleep but he is crying. Has anyone ever experienced this? And if so, What did you do to fix it? The sleep deprivation is really starting to get to my husband and I.


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Jessica - posted on 02/22/2010




you could pull a chair up to the crib to be able to reach through it. talk to your pediatrician and be sure that what ever you try is something you can stick with if it works as this may be something he has to outgrow and you don't want to choose a comfort measure for him that is too hard for you to keep up. I have let all three of mine sleep with us as needed but I know some people aren't comfortable with it.

Tina - posted on 02/22/2010




My son did that too, i had it the exact same way as you do and the worst part about it was i was pregnant at the time with my daughter, i had to put him in bed with me all the time and my fiance got upset with that fact, its hard but maybe try standing over the crib and hold your babys hand or stroke the face and talk to him and reasure him that your there.

Evangeline - posted on 02/22/2010




My middle son did that a lot. We ended up having to have him sleep between us for awhile. But that same son also had night terrors and he used to sleepwalk as a child. Very odd. The doctor said that it actually happens more often than people think especially in children. The thing that helped him the most in the night though was touch. If we didn't have him sleep with us, then we would pull his crib right next to our bed at night, and when he cried, I would stick my arm in his crib and just hold his hand while he was sleep and speak or sing quietly to him. Very odd, but it worked. Hope this helps.

Christi - posted on 02/22/2010




my son did that and then he stopped sleeping at night all together. his doc thinks it is night terrors, but everything we have tried doesn't work. i would talk to your doc and ask for advice. sorry to not be mor ehelp.

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