I am currently homeless with my autistic 4 year old daughter and i am scared to death! my financial situation ( OR LACK THEREOF) is the key factor.


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You need to post a little more information before anyone can really help you now.

First you need to find a safe place to sleep. Go to the library and use their computers to find out where the closest shelters with beds open are. If you know where the shelters are, go there. If there are no beds available, call your friends and ask them if you can crash until you get on your feet. If you have no friends who can offer shelter, go to a WELL LIT, PUBLIC place that allows loitering--bus station, train station, air port. Put your belongings in a locker and curl up in a chair. You need to keep your child in your lap, not beside you.

Next, you need to improve your financial situation. The shelters where I work have programs to help homeless mothers find jobs. Your's should have similar programs. They will also be able to help you with housing assistance, food stamps, etc. You cannot sign up for these programs there, but they can tell you where to go and send you in the right direction.

If you cannot get help at a shelter, go to your local Social Security Office. There you can usually apply for most types of government assistance, but it varies by state. Even if you cannot apply there, they can tell you where to go for each program. If you cannot get to the SS office, you can research this information at the library on the public computers, but it does get a little confusing.

It takes TIME to get into these programs, so you will need to locate a food bank to help you until then. There are many run by churches and other charitable organizations. Many of these banks will also have contacts to help you with other services as well.

Until you can get a job, volunteer with the homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food banks. This will look good on your resume, and will also help you meet people and make contacts that can help you secure a job, get a bed in a shelter, or speed up your application processes for some public benefits. It will also give you a warm place to be during the hours you are volunteering.

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