I am not satisfied with my income and my husband's attitude.

Henwood - posted on 09/29/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a working mom and also earn $500 to $1500/month online. But, still not satisfied with my income, life style and my husband's attitude. (he makes lot around $6000 a month)
What to do and how to overcome my inferiority complex?


Elizabeth - posted on 10/01/2013




I understand what you mean about having an inferiority complex. It is so easy to feel like you are living in your spouse's shadow. Is he older than you? My fiance is 9 years older than me and while I know he is most likely going to be way ahead in his career than I am, it still makes me feel inferior. I know there are so many thoughts that could be going through your head about it too, sometimes you just don't feel like you're amounting to your fullest potential and that he may feel like that too.

I hope that doesn't sound harsh, I'm just making the point that I understand what you mean.

Here's what you need to do. Either 1. Cheer up! Realize you are a mom, wife, full time employee, and you are making money on the side. or 2. Figure out what you love more than anything in the world and pursue it. Your husband probably senses your unhappiness and wishes you would do something to improve your life if it's getting to you.

Does your job make you happy? If it does, stick with it and work hard, maybe you'll be promoted sometime soon! If it doesn't make you happy, you need to figure out what it is that you would truly be happy doing.

For example, I hate my job so much that I have literally gotten autoimmune disorders since I've been here because I am so depressed that fibro myalgia lead to rheumatoid arthritis, and ra is leading to lupus (so my doctors say), anyway I feel like crap on a regular basis because I hate my job so much and I am definitely not happy with the pay in comparison to my soon-to-be husband's, but hey let's face it, we have to work right? So I am trying to finish college and get a yoga teacher certification. I found my love and decided to pursue it.

I know I talked a lot about myself in this message, but I really think you are going through the same things as I am and I thought personal anecdotes would be the easiest to express to you that someone empathizes with you.


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Elizabeth - posted on 10/03/2013




Hey Henwood, you're welcome!

Just remember it's all about what makes you happy! Women are nurturers and we cannot give others what they need unless we are getting what we need. If you aren't happy now, there is always something better out there for you and you just need to find it! (Career wise, not man wise, stick with your man!)

I'm so excited for you and you should be excited too! This inferiority complex you say you have won't last forever! "Jesus blesses those who mourn." - Lesson I learned in church this past Sunday- doesn't mean he loves most when we are sad, but he mourns with us and will lift us up when we need it. It may take time but hang in there, good things are coming to you!

Michelle - posted on 09/29/2013




Please remove the link in your post as it's against our solicitation policy.
You can complain about what you earn, just don't mention the site.

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Learn to live within your means, or work harder to make more money.

If you are not earning enough at your own job to satisfy yourself, create another one. I've always created my own jobs rather than working for other people so that I have more control over my income.

That said, you might need to see a therapist. You shouldn't be basing your self worth on your financial worth. You are more than a dollar sign with a number beside it. Look at the ways you contribute to your family, community, and society outside of consumerism. It is wonderful to be a strong consumer in our current economic state, however, there are lots of other ways to contribute. Find them, and you will find your self worth and get over your inferiority complex.

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