I am so completly burnt! Have six kids at home and hubby works 65+ hrs a week.


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Nicole - posted on 08/12/2009




Hey I hear you, my husband is a over the road truck driver for our trucking company, I only have one 18 month old daughter but I grew up raising by 5 little brothers so I can relate! I also run our trucking company from home, If you ever want to vent or chat with other moms going through similar things theres a new circle of moms community called Daddy works the late shift.

(It keeps me from venting to my husband after he gets home after being gone all week!)

Shannon - posted on 08/12/2009




Ohh Man That is so rough ..You Def should be having your older kids help a little if you have any older like above 9 yrs ??? And If that were me I would call a friend I knew with a responsiable teen and tell them to come over for a hour or two and you just go out and get something done but be alone ...Adventually you will feel better a family of six is a lot but in the end u will have the BEST memories and BEST Family ever ..This I know because I come from a family of six Just make sure to treat alll your children the same ...LOL bet you prob have the BEST christmases ..Just being together xoxoxo AWESOME !!

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