I am Stay at home mother of 1 and would like to know what everyones typical day is??

JUNIE - posted on 01/05/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I sometimes wonder if I am doing things right. ....I would like to see if what others moms day is like??


Sara - posted on 01/05/2010




i have been a stay at home mom for 3 years now! i have a 2 1/2 year old boy, and about to have my 2nd boy join our family!! our day consists of whenever he gets up, i get up and we eat breakfast together, we get ready for the day (dressed, brush teeth, ect.) than i go around the house and clean, and he follows me around with a couple of toys and plays in whatever room i am cleaning. we eat lunch, and than sometimes he takes a nap (than i get me time). if he doesn't nap, we play together and we work on his speech...he has a bit of trouble talking. around 3ish we have a snack...and than i let him watch a movie if he wants to. than we wait for daddy to come home from work, eat supper, than i send him to bed between 8 or 9, after he has a bath. it is going to be quite a bit different adding a 2nd babe, but i can't wait!! :) what does your day consist of???

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Up at 6:00 with my husband, take a shower and get dressed while the kids are alseep. Get coffe and breakfast ready. I have a military husband so he's back from PT at 7:30 and by that time my girls are up. We all eat breakfast together and then the hubs leaves for work. We use the morning to get house clean. I'm using the Motivated Mom's Chore planner which is AWESOME! The hubs comes home for lunch around noon and we all eat together again. Then the afternoon is spent playing and listening to music or if it's nice going to the park.
Hubs is home around 5 and he plays with the girls while I get dinner ready, we all eat again and then it's bath time.
Bed time for the kids is around 7:30 p.m. and after that is time that my husband and I get to spend with eachother.

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I have 3 kids, a 7 year old, a 23 month old and 7 week old. Dh works 4 days a week fro before the kids get up until after they are in bed, so I"m alone. We have dance class on Wed, and appointents when needed which I take at least 2 kids to. Our days go like this: I usualy feed the baby around 5 and get up for the day by 6. I shower, dress and feed myself, make our bed and come online until 7:30 (unless baby is up) At 7:30 I wake up our oldest daughter, get her fed, dressed and off to school by 8:30. Our toddler gets up between 8-8:30, and usually the baby gets up too. I feed him, and make breakfast for the toddler. Do dishes while shes eating, then get her dressed and make her bed/tidy her room. We usually bake something together in the morning (muffins, cookies, buns, etc, whatever we are out of) then play until 10 which is snack time. She plays until 11 while I clean up the rest of the house and do laundry. If we have somewhere to go downtown we do it then and lunch is around 11:15. Then she goes down for a nap (or lays in bed and talks to herself for an hour), the baby wakes up and I feed him and make myself lunch. Toddler is up again by 2(if she naps), we play until 2:45 when our older daughter gets home, we have snack, the kids play (fight) until 5, I get laundry folded and the house re-tidied in this time. Older daughet has a bath and does her homework. Baby is always wide awake by then. I start cooking dinner at 5, we eat at 6, then dishes, then if Toddler needs a bath she has a bath, brushes teeth and gets into bed. Older daughter goes to bed at 7:30 and then I tidy the rest of the house, make lunches for daugher and husband for the next day, bathe the baby and sit down. Baby stays up and cluster feeds/plays until around 11 then I get to go to bed and we start all over by 5 am the next day again.

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Mine is long but with a schedule, without it i go nuts. I get up, then my 2 yr old gets up, i put her on the potty, and get her dressed, let her watch Mickey, then make breakfast, eat, then while they eat i make the beds, sweep, and do dishes. I get my 1 1/2 yr old dressed then i do their lesson with them. THen i let them play till lunch. After that it's naptime, then i do dishes, my excersises, crafts for myself,and just relax till the kids wake up!


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Amy - posted on 01/17/2010




my day normally starts around 7. That is when my son wakes up. Get up and he has a bottle, we play and watch Mickey Mouse club house till about 9 then he has his actual breakfast. Then it is nap time till about 12. During this time I work-out and get as much stuff done as possible. More playing, then lunch, more playing till about 2, then he has a bottle and another nap till about 3 or 4, play time and watch a kids show on a religious chanel. Make dinner around 5 while he plays with his daddy. After dinner we all 3 play together till around 8 then it is the bed time routine. He is in his crib no later then 9. Then his dad and I get some us time and it starts all over again.

Jodi - posted on 01/06/2010




My daughter and I typically get up around 7, we play and read for a little are have finished breakfast around 8. We play and sing and dance and read some more, then she takes a nap around 10 until about 11-11:30. I make lunch and we eat and we try to get outside. We spend the afternoon playing, reading, and the such. I have a "playground" in our basement with a swing, sandbox and slide so we spend time down there if we can't get outside. We get to the library once a week (Nana works there!) for more books and grocery shop once a week as well. She goes takes a nap around 2 until about 3, play more, cook, eat dinner, play, bath around 6, bed around 7. AFter she sleeps I clean house, do laundry, shower and get a little me time in!

Shauna - posted on 01/06/2010




My day starts around 7am when my 14 mo daughter wakes up. We cuddle for a good 10-15 min then its time to brush our teeth. She has milk and breakfast around 8am. I get online after that for about and hour while she's playing. Then its dancing and playing w/ her until nap time, around 10am. That's when I get my workout and shower in. Then its lunch around 11:30-12pm. Then we play. I break up my house cleaning during morning/afternoon play time. I've tried to pick a different day for everything. Laundry-mon, vacum/dust-tues, Shopping-thur....2nd nap is around 2:30and thats me time for reading a book or just relaxing.Snack time after nap and more playing.Husband comes home from wrk around 4:30p, so we all hang out together. Dinner is @6,then bath time,more play time then its brushing teeth and story time. Off to bed around 8:30ish. AHHH... t.v.time for mommy.

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I have three kids 6,4, and 23mo. We usually get up around 6:15 and I let the dog out and make breakfast for the kids. While they are eating I feed the dog, then start a load of dishes in the dishwasher, and hand wash the one's that need it. I also usually gather up all the dirty clothes, and start a load. After that it is bath time and teeth brushing time. At around 8 I pack my son's lunch and then have a little time to look on the computer. At 8:30 I help my son get his shoes, coat, etc on and watch for the bus. After I watch him get on it, I start my housework. At around 11 I start making lunch. After lunch I lay the baby down for his nap and put a movie in for my daughter so I can fold clothes and get a shower. If the baby isn't up yet I spend 1 on 1 time with my daughter. At around 2 pm nap time is over I vacuum the carpets (we have a dog and cat, so it needs done every day) I then usually start the parts of supper that can be done early. At around 4:30 my son gets off the bus and I help him with his homework and finish supper at the same time. We usually eat around 5:30. After supper I clean up and put leftovers away. I then try to spend a little time with my hubby. He gets up around 3 am, so he goes to bed by 8 everynight. At that time I get the kids jammies on, brush teeth and read a story. After kids are in bed, at 8:30, I put the dog in her kennell and feed the cat. After that it is me time until about 11pm where I fall into bed just to start over again the next morning!

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Hello, well my day sounds alot like Sarah Ruhmann's day. I have two children at home with me, a 3 1/2 year old and a 2 year old. My day starts when they wake up which is usually around 8:30 or 9:00. They brush their teeth and get dressed, then its down stairs for breakfast. My kids are so active, so they love to run around. Depending on the weather I may take them outside for fresh air to ride their bikes, play with outside toys or take a walk around the neighborhood for about 1 to 2 hours. If we are in inside we are playing with puzzles, coloring, painting, and working on speech with my daughter.Then we eat lunch, sometimes they make take a nap but I try not to let them sleep longer than an hour because then it will affect their sleep time at night. They love watching nick jr.(used to be called noggin) because it has all the preschool shows on it. Believe me when I tell you, they have learned so much from that channel. This gives me time to do school work also because it keeps them still for awhile. Then my hubby gets off around 4:15pm but doesnt get home until around 4:30 due to Fort bragg traffic. He is in the military so all this is much harder when he is deployed. I am usually getting ready to cook dinner around this time because I don't like to be cooking anything after 8pm. After dinner the kids take their baths and get ready for bed (bedtime is at 9pm). After that it is me and my hunny's time to talk, cuddle, sip on some wine and get ready for bed.

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Wow your day sounds so productive. I don't get nearly that much done. I have a 3 month old and find I still need naps even though she sleeps through the night. Right now we are figuring out a new schedule as she has decided she will want to be on a 3 1/2 hour schedule. So my day starts about 7-7:30 with the first feed of the day then I eat breakfast with my hubby after she goes down at 8:30 in the morning. I usually go back to bed until 10/10:30 and then get up and have a shower. At 11:00 I do my second feeding and then put baby down for indepentant play and make lunch as the hubby comes home at 12. Then babe goes back for a nap at 12/12:30 int he afternoon is where is get tricky. Sometimes i just sit and knit, other time I get things done like house work or my shopping. I feed at 2:30/3 and then play with the peanut. Then I start supper about 4:30 to eat after the babe is back down for another nap. The hubby sometimes comes home now but he works at a church and their schedule is never predictable. I eat and clean up after that. Watch some tv and knit some more. Then I feed at 6/6:30 and play with peanut with the hubby and back down if she gets fussy for another nap and then I have time with the hubby. Then last feeding is at 9:30 and we do prayer time with her and get her changed in her nightie for bed time. Then we turn out the lights and she is down for the night. Then night night for us.

I must admit I feel like I don't get much done and hardly ever finish what I want to get done. But I am learning how to do this as a job.

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