I am struggling with becoming an at home mom.

Lori - posted on 11/20/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was laid off in October and I am going to make a go of being an at home mom. I am struggling with this. I am at home too often and apparently do not know enough at home moms to get together with.


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Abigail - posted on 11/22/2013




Oh boy! I remember feeling that same way yeas ago when my son was born. I went back to work for a bit when my son was almost 2 n daughter almost 1. I had them in a daycare for 2-3hrs while my parents picked them up for me. We didn't have a good daycare experience so then we had my SIL watch'em but again trouble. So I decided to quit my job n stay home. I got borde as heck trying to keep them busy, teaching them n preparing them for pre-k. So in order to stay busy and earn money I opened my own in home daycare. I got to stay home, watch/race my kids n at the same time earn some money. I set my own hours n how many kids I wanted to watch. It kept me busy that's for sure. Did it for 15 yrs. As the kids were growing I was able to take then n the other children to different places all the time (park, library, mall, zoo) just about anywhere I felt I could deal with the amount of kids I had. I met great parents/people along the way n even made a friend or two.
So that can be an option for u if u feel capable of it. You don't have to care for a whole bunch of them. You don't want to feel overwhelmed either. Just enough to keep you busy n for your children to socialize/interact with other children. It's a good experience.
Just a thought :)
Good luck :)

Rose - posted on 11/21/2013




I completely relate, when I started I was lost for all of 2 years! However, I did know moms. If you attend church you may find some there or some older ladies whose kids are out of the house, they can be a great support. How old are you and how old are you kids? I lean heavily on my church family, esp being somewhat to myself and not outgoing, I have a hard time meeting people out and about. It's been 5 years now and I still haven't retained any friendships from just meeting moms at the library and such.

Kim - posted on 11/20/2013




you will meet other moms at parks,volunteering at school and other ways. how old are your children? I have been a stay at home for 21 yrs. my youngest it's 13 now also have a 15. 17 and 21. I am still here because they need me to be. teenagers need guidance too.

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