i cant say no !!!!!!!!!

Samantha - posted on 04/19/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




ben is nearly 4 and i cant get him to stop usin a dummy and bottle at night help he is very strong minded and he knows i give in to everything and alfie too i need to mtoughen up need supernanny really !!!! lol :)


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Amy - posted on 04/19/2010




my cousin was the same way until one day my brother and i gathered all of them up and threw them away. its was kinda hard the first couple days but then after those nights she was fine. she will realize he doesnt need it and your not going to go buy new ones. good luck

Kristin - posted on 04/19/2010




Definitely, one thing at a time. Personally, ditch the bottle first. and at four, he's just fighting you to get your reaction. Just take them. If you feel the need, tell him that big boys do not need baby bottles. Then, just calmly say no any time he asks for it and ignore the theatrics; distracting helps immensely here. When the drama from this has subsided, then you can tackle the paci. Same process. Just as the previous moms have talked about.

Maybe do a little practicing of the NO on your own. Mentally rehearsing can help. Good luck.

Sarah - posted on 04/19/2010




I would start with one at a time. Do the bottle first. Throw them away so they are not in the house. If they are not in the house you can't give in. When he asks for it just let him know he is a big boy now and that you throw them away for other babies to use. He may cry but it won't last forever. He may actually surprise you both by just moving on and accepting that the bottles are gone. Sometimes kids will want it if it is there, but if it is not there they move on pretty quickly. Once he has adjusted to no bottle then do the dummy. Same thing throw them out. I like what leah suggested with cutting the nipples this way even if they are in the trash you can't get them back out.

Leah - posted on 04/19/2010




the best way I think is just to put them all in the trash cut all of the nipples so you are not tempted to get on out wash it off and give it to him.

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Maybe if you had a formal ceremony to 'let go' of the dummy? Tie it to a balloon and send it into heaven for all the little babies there that don't have dummies?

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I would pack the dummy and bottles up in a box and get rid of them. You need to get them out of the house so that you can't give in. Maybe you and Ben can take them to a donation center so that a baby somewhere else can enjoy them. Tell Ben that he is doing a very big boy thing by giving them away. Then go to the store and have him pick out a special stuffed animal that he can sleep with instead. He's old enough to be told that he doesn't need a bottle or dummy anymore. He is going to fuss, complain, and cry, but you need to turn the supernanny on and be firm. Don't give in. Rock him instead or rub his back. Lay in the bed with him until he settles down. Whatever you need to do to help him soothe and relax. Keep telling him that he is a big boy and 4 year olds don't need those things. Good luck.

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