I feel exhausted and depressed all the time but i love my children to death, help

Leah - posted on 01/14/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




i feel like im a made, mom, and then i have to find the energy and interest for sex later on and i dont want to do it. i get so tired.


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I am right with you on that one. I am so tired all the time and all my husband wants is to have sex. All I want is to curl up in bed a read myself to sleep. It's frustrating. Even more so because he is frustrated and I just don't have the energy to help him. We have found that "date nights" and weekends away have helped. It sounds bad that our physical relationship is reserved for special nights, but it works for us. I get to have the "me" time before bed and he is still getting what he needs (even thought it's not near as often as he would like). I think that it's better this way for us. He doesn't come to bed with expectations that aren't going to be met and I don't feel smothered. Hopefully you and your hubby can find something that works for both of you.


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Tally - posted on 01/15/2010




This made a huge difference in my life... about a year and a half ago I started on the Vitality Pack - vitamin supplements. It took about 2 month... and my energy levels and moods are awesome! If you are like me.. your body is simply depleted... you are exhausted... It effects everything....no wonder you feel this way.
You need to strengthen your immune system and your cells, and give your body what it needs to function at its best. Our bodies are amazing... and if you give you body the nutrition it needs, to nourish the cells and repair each day... it is amazing what a difference this could make.
The reason I take Vitality is because all other vitamins supplements I looked into, use a form of mineral that is not soluble ( according to recent lab research) .. so you are basically wasting your money. But Vitality is proven to have an 85% absorption rate.

The results for me were that after feeling like an old woman at 37 years old... I now feel like I am 25! ....And just to let you know that I don't just lay around the house...I have 5 children, whom I home school!
My husband is amazed that I have this much energy... for the kids, and for him : )

If you want information .. visit www.LiveTotalWellness.com/tally

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