I feel like a super-mom right now~somewhat long

Cyndel - posted on 05/04/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I had a pretty rough day, looooong story shortened, yesterday I drove 200 miles with my boys, 100 there and 100 back.
Did the same today but in the opposite direction to see the house my parents are moving into tomorrow and some surprise errands. When I get home they whisk my hubby away to help load the U-haul, which I didn't mind, they then sent him to their new house at 7:30pm!!! It is 11:11 and he isn't back yet!
I was frustrated, we had no bread for sandwiches, no cereal for breakfast, nothing. So I packed the kids into the car so I could get the groceries and we could have a late dinner.

We get to the grocery store, and we have almost everything, including 4 individual serving boxes of horizon organic chocolate milk that were on sale for $1 a piece. Some for tomorrow 1 for dinner, etc. Well the last thing we went to get was milk and half & half, where of course they had premixed bottles of nestle chocolate milk, Hubby gets the bottles of syrup often so he knew what it was. He asked I said no, we already had chocolate milk that was healthier. He did a little whimper, and asked again, I said no and was half distracted looking for h&h, usually if he asks a second time I tell him that I've already answered his question and not to ask again, so I didn't tell him, when he asked a third time I told him not to ask again I wasn't going to change my mind, he asked again, I turned around, focused on him and sternly but not meanly said that we had chocolate milk, mommy wasn't going to by the nestle chocolate milk and if he asked again we would put the horizon chocolate milk back. I turn back and get the h&h and he asks again. I didn't say anything, I just put the h&h in the buggy and headed back to where we got the horizon chocolate milk and made him put it back on the shelf.
He of course is throwing a loud crying fit, I stay calm and tell him he needs to settle down, I know he is upset but when we make choices we have to live with the consequence.

and here is where the super mom feeling comes in. I was able to distract him completely from the chocolate milk issue, then I realized that I forgot the milk...you know where the nestle chocolate milk is, so we go back over to the milk, I ask him to get the milk out and he does, then I have him push the buggy.
We went to self check out and I had him do nearly everything, but the end he was grinning and laughing and in a good mood. Every time he brought up chocolate milk, I told him we would talk about it in the car, and he said ok, though his sholders would slump a little! When we reached the car I put the baby in the car and told Gabriel to get in his seat and I put the groceries in the trunk. When I was done I went to Gabriel and talked to him about why he lost the chocolate milk, and how long he had lost chocolate milk. He cried a little bit but it was a quiet sad cry. He was cheerful and normal by the time we were home, and it was a pretty great rest of the night for the most part.
When I realized how completely I had distracted him and we weren't going to have to leave the store screaming with no food I felt like a super-mom! A full fledged grocery store melt down deflected and we were actually able to bring food home!


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Kelina - posted on 05/06/2012




lol ya I thought at first it was your hubby asking about chocolate milk. That's exactly the kind of thing my husband does, asks five times and gives me the pouty lips. But that's aweosme! comegrats on the groceries! Feels amazing doesn't it?

Cyndel - posted on 05/05/2012




Sorry I should have specified that we left for the store shortly after my husband left for their new house at 7:30pm.
and thanks it nice to win upon occasion.

Michelle - posted on 05/05/2012




Well done!!! I did get a bit confused and thought it was hubby that kept asking about the chocolate milk though :-) I'll put it down to being awake at 6am when I didn't have to be and then working today. Or maybe I just need another wine to de-stress.

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