I feel trapped! I'm always stuck at home!

Lisa - posted on 12/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My LO is almost 5 months and is EBF. He has a max awake time if 2 hours and will only nap in his crib and not when out. He hates his car seat and won't take a bottle of pumped breast milk. I feel like I'm trapped in my house and the most I could leave for is an hour... Any advice?


Michelle - posted on 12/28/2012




The only way he will get used to sleeping elsewhere is by taking him out. In a way you have set this routine yourself by sticking to it and not getting him used to falling asleep in different places from a young age. It will now take you longer to get him used to it but he will eventually.

Your choice is to either put up with some crying and strange looks for a while or stay at home until he doesn't need as much sleep.

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