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I posted a question not to long ago asking other moms how they found time to read. I read every single response given and took a lot of the advice that was given as well. I am happy to say that I finaly finished a book. I started taking one long bath a week and I would not get out until I finished a chapter. I also took the book with me and read while I was waiting on my oldest to get home. I also had to take an unexpected flight to visit my step mother in ICU and I read while on the plane and while at the air port. :) now on to the next book.

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I used to read everyday and finish a book almost once a week depending on how much I got to read.....after having my 3rd I stopped because he was in the hospital for 3 1/2 months.....now he's been home for 3 months and I plan on reading again I can't wait!

Good for u.....for me it feels really good to tune out cartoons etc

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Having the children in bed early before you are too bushed to take time to read - then indulge!
Your life has changed significantly - but the family is so worth it and you will be reaping the rewards far too soon when they walk down the aisle of graduation and you no longer have them in your life ...

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Well done. It does feel good to do something for yourself doesn't it. Good luck for the next one.

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Yay!!! That's so great! I am glad you got to finish it, good luck with the next one!

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Awesome that you got to finish a book, I read before bed (what I will be doing in about 5mins) for as long as I can handle before my eyes shut :)

Bethany - posted on 11/30/2011




wow! Good on you! I find it really hard to find a book I can be bothered getting past the first chapter of. I read magazines and publications about kids and parenting all the time, and am always refering to parenting books, and reading them as the need arises, but rarely read a non-fiction storybook, just for fun. I find it really hard to endear myself to the characters. And I usually read before bed, so am already sleepy anyway. I think I need to get up and read in the morning before Charlotte wakes up. Sometimes, I think my brain's just tired.

Good on you!

Medic - posted on 11/30/2011




See doesn't it feel good to accomplish something just for you. And the fact that it does not involve wiping ass, dishes, laundry or cleaning floors makes it all the better.

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