i have a daughter and a new baby on the way

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im so excited but don't know how my daughter will react


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Preparating your daughter is key. Talk about the coming baby, but also affirm her specialness. You want to assure her that she will still be important. She can help. She will have a new role as big sister... Much of it is allowing her to process the coming with your excitement. Help her to prepare---like pick out something for the baby just from her--let her wrap it, prepare the room...anything that includes her in the process will help.

Sometimes it helps to have special 'gifts' put away for when the baby receives several gifts that she is included in something that is not for 'baby's' since she is 'growing up' now.

Be prepared when the baby comes for her to act like a baby--to get more attention. Perhaps even wetting the bed if she has stopped, or having a tantrum or other younger actions. They are not acceptable---but take the time to correct them immediately, even if the baby cries...The two year old is also wishing for your time, although unappropriately.

We purchased a glider, like an outdoor one, and brought it inside--that way I could nurse the baby, but the toddler could lie with his head on my lap or sit beside me as I read to him or just rocked him---that was a life saver for our family....through the eight boys that we had.

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