i have always taken my son to a mums and babys play group(he is 2 and a half) as i cannot afford nursery fees, i recently had a daughter and we stopped going for a while. now she happily stays with her daddy while we have started attending playgroup again. i have always expressed 2 3once bottles for her as were gone almost 5 hours but recently im having trouble even getting an ounce out and have started taking them both. its not that i mind taking my daughter along with us, its just nice for me 2 have time without her to relax and also for me 2 have alone time with my son. im afraid of my milk drying up... has this happened to anyone else?


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Deborah - posted on 03/13/2009




Fenugreek is the herb to help, but Taren is right ... it doesn't always help that much. Have you taken sudafed or something similar recently? Things like this cause you to dry up. Drink lots and lots of water over the next few days, take fenugreek and breastfeed your daughter from the breast... don't pump. Then after a few days try again and see if the supple has increased. Hope that it does.

Taren - posted on 03/13/2009




Sadly, pumping isn't as efficient as her nursing. I have had this problem in the past. You can try Fenugreek, it's an herbal supplement. It MIGHT increase your supply. But probably not much. The sad fact is sometimes no matter how hard you try it might just dry up. That's what happened to me my with my first 2 kids. Drink LOTS of water, that helps too. On another note, Have you ever heard of MOPS? (Mothers of Preschoolers) They have groups worldwide, go to MOPS.org and you can find a group near you. It's awesome, I love it, and the fee is very little, like $75 a semester, this includes childcare. You can take you baby, put her in the nursery and when it's time to feed go get her feed her and take her back. I couldn't live without mops. Also lots of groups have scholarship programs if you can't afford the fee. I hope this helps!!

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