i have never been a way from my child more then nine hours. Is it ok to feel seperation anxiety.

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I freak out and want him home right away. What should I do?


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Katie - posted on 11/02/2009




my baby boy is two months and the first time i had to leave him was for an hour to go run to walmart bc my husband wanted the family to watch him and spend some time with the baby...i didnt even want to go to walmart. it may sound pathetic but i cried the whole way to walmart...and when i came back the first thing i did was hold my baby...even though i knew the family wouldnt hurt him and would take good care of him i still worried. so its normal to worry about your kids...i was told that it is perfectly normal to call the baby sitter as much as you needed to make sure that they are ok. i know what your goin through. im worried about whats goin to happen once they reach the age to start goin to school...but what i do to stop worrying is i keep myself busy. it may be hard to keep you kids off your mind but once u do it so often...it works. hope it gets better :)

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It is very common for you to feel anxiety. No mother wants to have to entrust the care of their child in someone else, its completely natural. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this but there comes a point where the child NEEDS to be away from the parents sometimes. They need to learn to be able to trust other people and they need to know that sometimes mommy and daddy can't be there.

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I have 3 kids - my oldest is 15 years old (living with his dad) and my daughters are 2 years old and 6 months old. Whenever I go out, even for a couple hours, I take a pic of my girls on my cell phone so I can take a look at them and keep myself calm. Hope it helps for you :) And remember! Its always harder on mommy than it is on the kids!

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I'm the same way. Everybody thinks I'm crazy, but our daughter is 23 months old and she has never really been babysat. 2x's by my dad for less than 15mins each, but other than that its always been somebody keeping an eye on her and I'm like right there doing something the whole time. But I'm lucky enough to b a stay at home mom, so our little girl just stays with me. But I have noticed recently that she wants to interact with more ppl and she likes the independence sometimes. But if we have rough days where she's real clingy then I don't leave her unless I have to. When ever I do have to have somebody else watch her I just try and stay focused on the task at hand, if I really feel like I need to I just take a break and check on her, and most important I don't ever leave her with neone that I don't like/trust.

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Many mothers feel this way. It's not easy being away from your little one. I constantly worry about my son's safety but over time have learned that is important for us to sometimes be apart. I knew he needed to learn to trust other people besides me to care for him. My anxiety lessened over time and I felt the need to call and check on him less and less.

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