i have so many questions about my 20month old and 7 month old daughters!

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Hi everyone :). I am Beccy. I have just turned 20 and i have two lovely little girls. Millie is my eldest and she is 20months old. Courtney is my youngest and she has just turned 7 months old.

Like all mums i have some questions that i would like other mums to answer rather than my healt visitor because i prefer to get advice from the women who ave the most experience...us mums :).

Millie learnt to walk when she was 14 months, she still isnt talking though? is this normal? she can say about 10 words and she does try to copy words that i say. Also Millie has got a few bad habits which i am finding hard to overcome. Firstly, when i put her to bed. if it is warm she will go in just her nappy but alot of the time she takes her nappy off and wees everywhere. but sometimes even if she has shorts or a vest on she quite often manages to wriggle out of them and take her nappy off! Another thing is she wont eat properly anymore! she has always been a good eater and has never turned down a nice ham salad sandwich or home cooked meal but now she only wants to eat the ham off the sandwich or just pick at sweetcorn, peas or rice! and other than that she just wants to gorge on crisps or chocolate! Then she also wont have cows milk! i had her on Cow and Gate growing up milk but she has now decided that she wants the babys Aptamil Hungry Baby milk!

Then Courtney my 7 month old...since she was born she has had her fair share of colds and virals. But at the moment she has a very bad cough and she seems quite poorly. she isnt seeing the doctor till friday. she needs to cough properly but her breathing is all raspy and i dont think she knows how to force a cough to get her breatng right. she also normally sleeps right through te night but bcause of this cold she is waking up all night which is absolutely nackering me out!she is also crawling now but not sitting up yet? she is tryin to stand but then when you try to sit er up she just flops back over. she also sweats alot and i find myself wiping er down all day, and what i do find strage is that her sweat smells?

Thanks for any answers :) xx


Jenn - posted on 10/27/2009




Well, for the 20 month old - the talking doesn't come until later usually. Even at 3 my sons speech was pretty basic and only I could really understand him - but now he's almost 4 and uses a more expanded vocabulary every day - and most people can understand him now. As for food - welcome to toddlerhood! LOL My son used to eat anything and everything - now he hates peas, beans, cheerios.............Just keep offering healthy meals and snacks and let them decide if they are going to eat and how much - if they don't eat the healthy stuff DON'T offer junk like chips and chocolate. Foods like that are meant to be an occasional treat. As for milk - I also find that my son doesn't love it like he used to - but he will drink some. As long as she is having things like yogurt, cheese, etc. she will be OK. As for the bed thing - not sure about that one - my son never took his diaper off.

As for the 7 month old - I don't know of a way to make them cough to loosen the phlegm. Sitting will happen soon enough. Not sure about the sweat thing - sounds strange for sure - maybe ask the Dr about that one.

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