i have to do all home tasks by my self and in that some times i got so exausted that i cant entertain my baby...i want to know that is it safe to let my 8 n half months old baby to watch baby poems on tv as he love to do so?


Louise - posted on 06/25/2012




If you have a large play pen then baby is quite safe in there with a pile of toys to play with. Make sure baby is in eye sight and is happy. Your baby does need your attention more than the washing up or cleaning. Prioritise what needs doing that day and space it out during the day. There is nothing wrong with putting under fives tv on for a short while but it should not be used as a baby sitter. Buy a walker for baby to follow you about downstairs or a bouncy chair that hangs from the door way so he can bounce and jiggle. It is important that you communicate with your child verbally to encourage him to talk, so sing silly songs and rhymes. Looking after a baby should not be hard work. At this age he is having two naps a day in the morning and in the afternoon, do the cleaning then. Other than that a bit of dust is not going to kill you, dont be so hard on yourself a bit of dirt hurt nobody!

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