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I didn't know which category to put this under, right now my inlaws and my family members are at eachothers throat all because of a facebook post. My sister-in-laws cousin went onto my sisters FB and posted for the world to see that my sister is a mooch, and that the cousin feels bad that my sister's son has him for a mom, and went on from there but its too much to post. I don't want to be involved in the drama, but I think I have a right to stand up for my sister, which I did. I just wrote on my sister's status update that "you have made leaps and bounds from the person you were to the person you are now, because of Dominic; the person talking shit can choke on a dick" Today I have to help my family move and my SIL and her family are going to be there, I'm hoping to god that it's not going to be a drama fest... ahh what do I do?


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Remind the people starting the drama that you are there to help not have a fight and if they can't leave the drama behind you will leave. It cam be very trying when families can't get along and have to take sides. I wish you luck.

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