I just want my husband to see me as his wife and not as his mother.. why cant grown men just do their own damn laundry once in awhile. I have two kids not.. I dont need a third aka man child

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Been a house wife for 5 years.. two kids. Happily married.. Sometimes its not so happy.. like being woken up at 12:00am over work cloths. I usually mother him and do all of his laundry and my kids.. very rarely do I manage to even get anything I want to wear cleaned. His work schedule keeps changing and I cant keep up with it, seeing as I have to be up at 5-6am to feed and cloth our kids in the morning. I ask him time and time again before he goes to bed.. do you have any cloths for me to wash if not go look and make sure... yadda yadda yadda nag nag blah.. anyways long story short he blows me off and goes to bed.. so I assume he has everything he needs ready so I dont need to worry. WRONG! he wakes me up like a parent does to a child who is late for school or some shit.. yells at me demanding where all of his cloths are. now this fully grown 40 year old man cant find one thing to wear for work and is standing in our room looking at me as time ticks by.. thinkin I'm gonna pull some cloths out of my ass. HAH. fuck you. find your own shit for once.. now I didnt say that.. but yeah I was thinking it. o_o I love my husband and I know he works hard.. but for god sake man.. wash your own damn tidy whities from time to time.. PS thats all I want for christmas...


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My husband does his own washing and even the children's washing most of the time. He leaves mines because he doesn't want to ruin it.

I would let him know that if he doesn't put his dirty laundry in the hamper/washing basket then it doesn't get washed. At 40, I'm sure he can work out how to use the machine and if not the write out the instructions and tape them to it.

I even have my boys do their own washing because I am NOT bringing up any men that don't know how to do household chores.

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