I'm curious what age do baby start potty train??

Zuleyka - posted on 03/16/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




I am pretty much early thinking about potty training but curosity just wondering when would be best for my daughter to start to potty train?? She 7months now but curious.....


Liane - posted on 03/16/2010




There is no age as each child is different. What you need to do, is look for signs of readiness. Does the child frequently wake up with dry diapers? Do they show an interest in the potty (or what you are doing when you are in there)? Do they go and hide when they need to have a BM? Are they bothered by wearing a dirty diaper or could they care less? Once you've determined if the child is really ready, it should only take a matter of days to train the child. This doesn't mean that they will never have an accident but they make it (most of the time) to use the potty. It should NOT take weeks or months (or longer) to train a child that is truly ready to be trained.

The worst mistake I made when potty training my two older children (both girls) was using Pull-Ups/Easy Ups. These are just diapers and once your child discovers they don't have to be uncomfortable if they are just too busy to use the potty the pull-ups can easily become a hinderance to the actual potty training. You would be better off just using training underwear w/plastic covers so your child can actually "feel" when they have an accident. They will quickly learn that it is uncomfortable and not want to be wet anymore.

I also don't believe in giving stickers/candies/treats as incentives for using the potty, but that's just me. I've seen entirely too many 3,4, and 5 year olds that still ask for their M&M, lollipop, etc. everytime they use the potty (even though they are already trained). I do however believe in tons of verbal praise and encouragement. We actually danced and sang a song when my girls used the potty. They remember it to this day and plan on singing it to their little brother when he is ready to be trained.

I'm not saying that a child can't be trained starting at a very young age before signs of readiness occur, it's just a whole lot harder and more frustrating (for you and your child). Good luck to you when your child is older and ready for this huge milestone! Most importantly, remember to be patient when the time comes.


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Tiffany - posted on 03/17/2010




If shes already curious, thats a great sign. You could go ahead and invest in her a potty chair, preferably a two in one. A two in one has the chair for her to use on her own in the floor so you can take her everytime you need to go. Encourage her slowly to sit on the potty while you do your own business. The two in one also has the detachable seat that you can sit on your toilet in your bathroom so she can feel like a big girl when shes ready. Good luck! My daughter was easy... its the boys that sneek up and get yah LOL!

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i totally agree, i have 3 daughters and would advise that you avoid pull up nappies at all costs they are just a hinderance!!!! It only take 1 accident in a pull up and they realise actually i don't need to bother i still have a nappy on, children are very clever.
As for age it depends on your baby, i would advise when they turn 1 to buy a potty and leave it in your lounge so it becomes familiar to your baby even if they are not using it and occasionally when you change their nappy sit them on it so they get used to it.
They will go to it to use when they are ready, do not try to force your baby it only puts them off, and don't worry if all your friends babies are potty trained and yours is not, it will come.
This has worked for me. Good luck x

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i totally agree with Liane!! i trained my daughter at 21months coz she showed signs, and the first week she only had 1 or 2 accidents a day after that first week none!!
hate pull-ups theres no need for them, and i didnt give sweets etc, but i did let her go out and chose her own knickers.

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You will know when your child is ready by all the signs that Liane mentioned. i don't think sweet treats are good for rewarding good potty behavior,but your child's fave healthy snack or a sticker chart in the bathroom are good ways to keep her interested when it's time. Every kid is ready at different ages-i bought my 5 yr old daughter "big girl" panties and a talking potty chair for her 2nd birthday. everytime she would"flush" her potty after going,it would clapp and hooray! way to go!, i did the same. She seemed to really enjoy that and in a matter of 1 month she was good to go in the big potty!
The first week we started her training,she and I stayed home and ran around in just our big girl panties and shirts and drank A LOT of water making us both have to frequently.
JUst like any group of girls in the ladies room when we sat she herd my going and she had to pee too!LOL

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in my experience, i started potty trainining my daughter at 1 year old but it didn't work because she still pee at her underwear, when i i potty trained her during her 2 and half years it works. she uses now her potty..

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I would wait until she has knowledge of when she has done a wee or a poop in her nappy, Once she starts doing that it will be alot easy for her to understand and reconise when she needs to go.

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My daughter will be 2 and i've heard things like if you change her before a nap then when she wakes up dry she is ready because she is gaining more control. I will start to train my daughter after her birthday. my daughter is observant with me in the bathroom she helps get the toilet paper & it's funny she'll try & help pull up my pants! you also will notice a signal when she is having a bowel movement watch if she sneaks off to hide to poop so she can't be seen! Then just try & ask them if they want to go to the potty get the chair let them try it out. Be persistant.I'm gonna try pull ups .

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We did the three day method when he was almost 17 months, and it failed lol. Pretty much you take three days and don't leave your house, and let them run around naked. When they start to 'go', you put them on the potty. All positive reinforcement, just saying 'this is where you go pee', etc. He understood, but was just not ready and didn't want to do it. The good thing was that he learned some bladder control during that weekend, so now we go through about half the diapers we used to. We still have the potty out but don't really enforce it... we're going to try the three day again in july.

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I worked in a preschool for years, and we started at one year old. I am now a stay at home mom. I have been potty training my son. He is 14 months and goes potty frequently on his little potty. I say the earlier the better. Just be consistent, once you start follow through and try to put he/she on the potty every hour to two hours!

Monica - posted on 03/16/2010




18 months is what they say. U can introduce it then and take it slow, get her used to a potty and put her on once and awhile... give her rewards if she does it and yeah they always do it when they're ready but they say to introduce around 18 months :)

my daughter's only 16 months and her potty's out, but i've only put her on it a couple of times so far... i just always tell her "that's your potty, where u do peepee...etc..."

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