I'm new to stay at home as I could not work any more due to morning sickness all day. My man is lovely to my Daughter and me. How do you get use to your man paying for everything?


Janelson106 - posted on 12/19/2011




My husband has never said anything about me not working or bringing home money but i have had other people say things like im not helping out and i told them if my husband would pay me for all i do for him....the daycare, the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry.....that he wouldnt have any money and i would have it all so i think we are pretty even :)

Brittany - posted on 12/19/2011




Just because it is your husband paying for everything, doesnt mean that you dont work for the money as well. Men have this idea that it is easy being a stay at home mother, when it is not. All of the household responsibilities fall on you and you dont get a day off, or even a moment of rest during the day, especially if you are going to have a new baby. Just think of it as both of you working and paying, because the money doesn't belong to him, it is your families money..that may be something he needs to realize as well, it took my husband a long time to figure that one out.

Medic - posted on 12/14/2011




Because you work just as hard if not harder only your job is unpaid. It becomes family money at that point.


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Chrystal - posted on 12/28/2011




I've never been very uncomfortable with the concept of my husband paying for everything but I did looking into working awhile back what I found out might be helpful for you. When I looked at the cost of paying someone else to do the things I do I figured out that not only is it more than my husband makes in a year I actually save us close to 10 grand every year by not working. You're not a drain on the family you're a benefit and you most likely earn more than half of the income that comes in. Hope that helps

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im a stay at home mom and my husband keeps all the money. hes a barber and works in a barbershop where he gets paid in cash everyday. i never know how much money he has and i have to ask for money to pay bills and get gas for my car. he says he doesnt trust me with money! i get so mad.

Jenna - posted on 12/27/2011




I have stayed home since my first child was born, quitting my third year of teaching with five weeks left in the school year and then not returning the following school year. In our home, the money is shared. My husband doesn't pay for everything. Sure, he earns all the money, but it all goes into a joint account and we both use it. We even did that before I quit teaching. All the money went into one joint account and we budgeted our bills and other finances together with all the money as one fund. If you do that, then the money is both of yours.

In our house, I actually manage all the money. My husband is free to use it when he wants, but we discuss all big purchases (over $100) and he gives me all his receipts so I can track spending and make sure we have money in the account. I don't have to ask him for money and he doesn't have to ask me for money.

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