I'm so tired of cleaning. ALL the time.... ):


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Ev - posted on 11/08/2012




I'm ocd and the lo is MESSY!!! D:

I can't afford help, my aunt would help out with cleanig and whatnot, I just want to take advantage!

I usually make dh do it. Maybe I'm just getting lazier?

Rebecca - posted on 11/07/2012




I hear that. I love him to death, but above regular housework I feel like I am cleaning up after my husband perpetually. Personally, I just try to remember why I am cleaning and that if I wasn't cleaning, I would go absolutely insane. So I do it for my family... but mostly for me. I can be selfish about my chores!

If you have the means (we don't), hire a cleaner to come. Even if it's every couple of weeks to do the detailed dusting and scrubbing, so-be-it. I'm sure it would help. But if you are like me and have absolutely no money for anything but your own cleaning supplies... keep at it. Super frustrating, but IMO worth it in the end. Makes for a happy home.

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