I need a job I need to get away see ADULTS! im starting to sing wounder pets¡!


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Would you be open to volunteer positions or does it have to be a paid position.

Most areas have a ton of volunteer positions available--their not all spooning soup or delivering meals either. I do some really interesting things including organizing black tie galas, setting up corporate sponsors, and running a program to help homeless mom's get jobs. Much more interesting than any paid positions I've held.

Also, I just started doing photography. I've owned 2 other businesses in the photography field, but I've never been a photographer, so this is exciting for me. I'm doing product photography so it's more corporate, which is easier for me, but if you like people, try portrait photography. A lot of studios will train you and there is less financial risk in working for someone else, if that is a factor for you....

A lot of my friends got jobs at their favorite clothing or decorating boutiques. They have fun because they love the products and have a lot in common with the customers, plus they get an employee discount which is cool.

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HEy ! Join my cummunity! Wife, Mother, SIster & Daughter ♥ Search it! Subject Family / Spouse

Thanks ladies!

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A paying job or just something to get out of the house? Because you have MANY options.

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