i need advice about my two year olds speech

Trisha - posted on 08/22/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son goes to pre school/ daycare the class has only 8 children and he doesn't talk to anyone he only points and makes facial expressions but he talks so much at home... Should i be worried, what should i do?


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Fit2BMe - posted on 09/30/2012




My son was very much like this. The Pediatrician says he is very bright and extremely verbal, however we noticed he really had nothing to contribute around other children. We didn't make a deal of it and just let it go since he talked up a storm to adults and at home. We knew he was really introverted though, so would be less likely to open up in groups. Over time he did more and more, however will still opt to stay in his room and not talk to other children at a bigger function (one of the only times he's around a lot of kids at once.)

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If he talks to other people when you're around, i wouldn't sweat it, but if he doesn't talk to new people at all, then it may be that social anxiety disorder? i think that's what it's called. i would advise you to speak with his teacher and try to get the teacher to gently coax words out of your kiddo by not giving him what he wants until he says the world, just to the point of him getting upset. the longer and longer the teacher waits, he might open up. this is how i taught mine to say please, only since i'm the mom, i was ok with letting her start to cry before she gave up and said please.

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go to his Dr. explain all what you are saying... then he will tell you what he /she thinks. I think he would do well in a daycare for children with special needs. this way he would gets speech and other service he may need. most kids upon leaving these special daycare are far better than they would have been .. I know I have a boy here that talks like a lawyer .. thank god for that daycare.

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A friend of mine, her little girl never spoke in pre-school but did at home. The teachers didn't believe her when she said her four year old daughter could speak. But one day a teacher saw her at the supermarket and the little girl was talking until she realised the teacher was there and then she shut up quick. Anyway, the girl is now in senior school and has no issues. If your child is not talking once he gets to school, I may worry, but at this age it's probably not a worry.

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This happened to my son too. But it happened at home and he would always point and we all talked for him. Since I worked at the daycare, I compared him to another child that was born the day before him. I was surprised at how many more words the other child was saying. I brought it to my pediatricians attention and he got evaluated for early intervention. Sure enough he needed it and he never talked until he was almost 4. Every child is different though and Sarah might be right in saying not to be worried and talk to the daycare and see what they say. If he is close to 3 you might want to bring it up to the pediatrician. Doesn't hurt. May be nothing. Good luck!

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I wouldn't be worried he may be shy. Or just doesn't want to talk to them. When he does talk is it clear to everyone or just you? he may feel like whats the point if they dont understand me. Also if he is getting his needs met by pointing he'll be thinking why use my words. As long as hes talking at home i wouldn't worry.

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