i need advice on what to do about my son waking up during the night

Aimee - posted on 04/13/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




hello everyone! i have a delima. i have heard it said let your baby cry themselves back to sleep. but when it goes on for like 40 mins. and the baby is cutting teeth i think it is mean. my husband is the other direction on this. what do you think i should do all of you seasoned moms :)


Jessica - posted on 04/13/2010




I agree with you... IF they are cutting teeth they need a little extra TLC, soon enough the teeth will cut through and you can go back to let him cry it out. I always gave my son tylenol right before bed when he was teething as well as rubbing it directly on his gums, which seems to make it work faster and more directly to his pain. As for the length of time, I was always told to let them cry for about 10 and go in and reassure them you are there, talk to them or pat them on the back, but don't pick them up. Spend 60 seconds or less with them and then step back out and resume checking on them every 10 minutes. I only made it all the way through a few times, it just broke my heart. Most of the time, I allowed him to cry up to 1 hour, then I'd break down and pick him up to console him. Good luck!

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