I need advice please!!! desperate!

Jessica - posted on 02/07/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 2 1/2 and he still isn't talking yet. He had tubes put in his ears just before he turned two and we are also in speech therapy. My entire family including my family says its just going to take some time that kids are very stubborn but his Pediatrician says and swears up and down he is autistic. He does do awkward things such as spinning in circles constantly throughout the day and he sometimes shakes his head from left to right until you tell him to stop. He is so smart though its kind of irritating. He goes to the pantry if he wants a snack, he will take you to the fridge and open and grab what he wants to drink. He is basically potty trained as well. He can even read and kind of tell you all the letters of the alphabet by making what sounds they make. The only word I have ever heard him say is "I" or "eye" and he knows the difference too. He helps with dishes and laundry and even picks up his toys. I know I could go on but I think it will just be me getting in defense mode. He screams and throws tantrums a lot if he doesnt get his way but will sit in the corner when he is put in timeout and wont move. My problem is 1, do you think he is really showing signs of autism? Idk why but I just feel like a failure if he is. I have nothing against autism please don't let my words make it seem that way I am just a young mom who really doesnt want my child to be labled, at least not yet. I have a hard time accepting it. And 2, I try working with him and he refuses. Doesnt want to "do what hes told" if that makes sense. He wants to do what he wants to do which most of the time is watch movies or mickey mouse. I feel like I failed as a parent because when he was younger I would let him watch cartoons so I could get things done around the house. And once a week it would be almost an all day thing because my husband was on deployment and I would get in these really bad depressed moods that I couldnt get out of. And now I cant get him to work with me on anything except reading the alphabet. I need advice on how to teach him because I feel like I dont know what I am doing and that I am just failing him more and more as a mom. Please help me.


Raychel - posted on 02/07/2014




I might try to get him in to see a different pediatrician and get a second opinion. There is nothing wrong with having an autistic child and it's not your fault. Im not saying that he is autistic. But if it was me I would want to make sure he isn't and if he is then get him and yourself the help now rather than later. My son didnt really start talking a lot until he was 3 1/2 it wasnt that he couldnt talk rather then he didnt want too. and now at almost 5 he talks all the time.

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