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i'm 19th with my own 2 year old and i'm engaged to my wonderful man but we are going through a lot. we were figthing to get his son back from his ex then child serive and in jan this year we got him back since he came home there have been a lot figthing going. like my fience's family are being mean to me and saying things that aren't true and it is starting fight between me and my fience and we are trying really hard to hold on because we found out i'm pregnant ,which started a lot too. i have been trying to be a good mom to my step son. i feel it hard because he is not my son and i'm still young and pregnant. i'm stress and worried and i'm starting to feel alone. my fience is starting thinking i'm not treating the boys the same and i'm treating the same. i have told him that and i'm trying to show him that. we had a big fight and things were said that hurt al ot he said he doesn't trust me with his son. i trust him with my son's life and i don't see why he couldn't trust me with his son's life. i haven't show any hate or abuse to his son just a lot of love. so i'm so comfuse what i should do. my son loves him and think he is his father and his son thinks i'm his mother and i'm pregnant with his baby and i don't want to leave. i have been trying to fix things but its getting worse. i need some help please :'(


Deidre - posted on 03/13/2012




Each time a woman is pregnant she forgets that during this time she is NOT IN CONTROL!! That is the hardest thing about it if you ask me... Your emotions are all over the place. Everything is and will be blown out of proportion throughout this entire pregnancy as well as during the first few years of the new baby's life.

Gosh, sweetie, I'm so sorry your going through such an ordeal. Just know it takes TWO to make things work. He is totally trippin' on the whole TRUST thing. I can't believe he is doing that. I don't have any immediate answers for you. I see this as a very difficult situation and made even worse because you aren't being catered to in your pregnancy state. I feel for you.

How old is he? Where are your parents? Who can YOU trust other than him? I don't have many answers unless there is ABUSE involved. I feel almost everything is able to be worked through if abuse is NOT present. You need a hug and someone who will comfort you when you feel out of control. I'm sorry you are feeling alone. Venting is a good way to get rid of negative energy. As long as you don't do it for a long period of time. Listen to some music to pick up your spirits. Get into the bathtub with your little guy and do some water play with him. Take a nap with him. Good luck, Lovely lady xoxo, Deidre

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