I need help with my 16 years old son please

Cassiej19 - posted on 04/10/2018 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 16 years old son, he is in an IEP, he is smart just not with school work. My problem with him is a lot, he stinks like a body and he doesn't care I tell him to go take a shower he goes in there you can hear the water running but he comes out still stinky. When we go to a fast food restaurant and only can or a little bit because we can't afford a whole lot because we just paid some bills or got groceries he is not grateful if he doesn't get his way, for example he wants to go to Arby's but we can't afford to go there so we've just go to McDonald's he throws a fit and he's mouthy and so ungrateful. For today we were going to Taco Bell he wanted the $5 filled up box but we had to feed other besides him another child plus us grown-ups we told him no not right now we can't get that maybe next time so we just got him two soft tacos he was very upset and he says thanks a lot for nothing and he said it really mean and really nasty. I don't know what to do about it do I take his Xbox One controller way do I ground him take TV provincial way take his cell phone what should I do. I don't know what to do anyone out there can help me please. I tried to cook at home. But he is so picky he only wants me to fix him steak and tacos and order pizza and order Chinese only. I try to fix other food but he won't eat it. He said that we don't have real food if we don't have one of those items. We got real food we got chicken and vegetables side items cereal and a lot of other stuff. But he tells his grandma that we don't have any food at all when we do. Please help thank you for listening


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So you have only just found this a problem now?
He's 16, he didn't become like this overnight, how long have you let him be so entitled?
YOU are the parent and should have been laying down the law from when he was a toddler.
For starters, you cook whatever you want, if he doesn't like it then he can either starve or make himself something. You don't have to be buying take away all the time just because he "won't eat anything else", that's bull!!!!! You have let him become like this.
Yes, you need to take away everything until he appreciates the value of working for things. All you need to provide him is a place to sleep (a mattress on the floor is more than enough) and some clothes. He then has to earn back all his "stuff" just like he would have to save up in the real world to buy things he wants.
It's YOUR job to raise him to be ready for the world and the way he is now, he won't be able to even hold down a job!

ETA: Now I just realized that you posted about your 12yo daughter the other day, you need to be a parent. Maybe take some parenting classes for parents of teens because they are walking all over you.


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Rachael - posted on 02/17/2019




Unfortuneately you have had this problem for a long time and now you can't handle it or you want the behaviour to change. I have a few suggestions have him included in the family budget, so he understands why you can't afford certain things, as for the body odour bathe him, and if he puts up a fight watch him bathe and see what he's doing incorectly

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