i need help with my 3 yr old serious advice

Casey Renea - posted on 03/12/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im 27 yr old stay home mom im a recovering addict i Live my grandmother now tht I'm working on get life together but my child is making this hard 4 me i need sum1 tht has time tlk n help me i dnt knw wat do literally she has me where i sit n cry n 3 yrs weve been gether 24 7 i dnt hve friends family they say i dnt qualify day care assistance i Knw tht lot problem to we r always gether i dnt do or hve done grown up stuff n 3 yr dnt go out nothing time she wake time she goes bed we gether when i say this i mean it i havent even had more than 2 hrs away her n3 yrs but she dnt listen nothin say she a smart kid to b 3 speaks great she tells me no all time she knw right from wrong but does what she not suppose to if i ask her dnt do sumthing does it ne way she uses her manners but most time sum1 talks her she hateful smart. She back talksme she ask me to get sum thing 4 her wen its right their if i dnt she throws a fit which i let her do her daddy is piece crap she loves him but he dnt ever care c her if i hve app.he m


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Jodi - posted on 03/13/2014




OK, forgive me, but I can't even read this. I am going to translate it to make sure I have it right. Next time, could you please try to write your posts in English? Although I can't tell if English is your second language or not.

I'm a 27 yr old stay home mom. I'm a recovering addict. I live with my grandmother. Now I'm working on getting my life together but my child is making this hard for me. I need someone who has time to help me. I don't know what to do. Literally she has me where I sit and cry. 3 yrs we've been together 24/7. I don't have friends or family. They say I don't qualify for day care assistance. I know that a lot of the problem is that we are always together. I don't do or have not done any grown up stuff in 3 years. I don't go out or anything. From the time she wakes until the time she goes to bed we are together. When I say this I mean it. I haven't even had more than 2 hrs away from her in 3 yrs. But she doesn't listen to anything I say. She is a smart kid for 3 - she speaks great, she tells me no all time, she knows right from wrong but does what she is not supposed to. If I ask her not to do something, she does it anyway. She uses her manners but most of the time someone talks to her she is hateful and smart. She back talks me. She asks me to get something for her when it's right there. If I don't she throws a fit which I let her do. Her daddy is piece of crap. She loves him but he doesn't ever care to see her if I have an appointment.

Did I get that right?

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