i need help with routines!!! please!

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i am wanting to put my kids...5,3,& 1 yrs old on a better routine/schedule......any tips or suggestions examples would be greatly appreciated! whats your daytime routines? and what about bedtimes?


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Hi! We are very routine with our 3 year old and 14 month old! I am home during the day so I basically came up with it and my hubby gave his input about the evening when he's home.



8:30...get ready to take older son to preschool

9-11...freeplay, housework

11:30...pick up older son from school






7:30...head upstairs and get ready for bed


We have our "Family Schedule" posted on our fridge. It helps us to stick to it if we can see it and it's nice for babysitters, grandparents or anyone else who may be there with the kids. Also, next to the meals, I have listed a few ideas of what to give them, just in case the sitter isn't sure what to make for lunch....(Lunch-PB &J, soup or mac n' cheese) Hope this helps!!

Medic - posted on 01/24/2010




I have always been a big schedule person and I started when my son was very young. What I did to get started was write down everything that he did for three days then started tweeking it so things got done at the same time every day. Then as he grew and things changed I could change that one part with no problem. Now at 3 he has been on a schedule for so long he just knows what comes next and what it is time to do without me telling him. I am in the hospital about to have our second and I will do the same thing with her, and I do think its possible to have different kids on different schedules.

This is my 3 year olds...
On days when he doesn't have school this is what we do.
He wakes up around 8ish and plays in his room while I get up and get dressed
Eats breakfast around 9 then plays while I start laundry, tidy up, or whatnot
Then we play till I start lunch around 11-1130
He eats and if he has time can play till 1
1 is nap time (we call it rest time) I will finish laundry or just rest
I wake him up by 330 he has a snack then plays till dinner at about 530-6
Then he does some school work and plays till 730
730 he takes a bath, brushes his teeth, and goes to bed by 815

Deborah - posted on 01/24/2010




Hi Jen!
I used to watch my nephew and my stepdaughter (he was 1 and a half and she was three) So lets see if this helps.
My nephew was dropped off at 7am which is the time my SD wakes up anyways so I would change her pull up and they would play while I got breakfast ready. They'd eat breakfast around 745-8am, which took unill like 9am! lol Then we would play at the park or in the house untill lunch time (I would start cooking around 11am). After eating I would put my nephew down for a nap, which took me about half an hour of singing and rocking, he's such a cuddler! and my SD would watch her tv show. Then it was SDs nap time, 1230. They would nap untill 130-200pm and then it was outside again! Or playing in the house. My nephew was picked up at 330-4pm and I had dinner ready for SD and Daddy at 5. After dinner SD went for her bath. After bathtime it was teeth brushing and vitamin, then story time with Daddy. She'd get two stories then go to bed, around 7pm. She'd play by herself for a bit then go to sleep.
A good thing to do is stagger nap, and bedtimes, even if its only by 15mins so you can have some one on one time with each child every day! Kids love to feel specail and it really does not take too much to make them feel that way!

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My kids are 10, 7 and 3. Things change when you have kids going to school. Sometimes with naps they just happen when they fall asleep where ever that is. Mine are finally all out of naptime though. I wake the older ones at 7 to get ready for school, the youngest at 7:45 to get her dressed and ready to go to the bus. Once we are back I let her play while I neaten up some, start laundry ect and about 9am we have breakfast. She usually watches Dora and I usually check my e-mail ect. Sometimes I shower before the kids get up otherwise I do it after breakfast while K plays upstairs(last yr I had to shower while there was someone home to watch her, she could and did climb everything!!) I neaten up more, try to play something with her, some days we have activities like Storytime or Playgroup. Then lunch between 11:30-12:30 depends on when we are hungry,usually Noon and she watches Caillou. If its nice out we try to get out after lunch, otherwise K plays, I do more housework, we do a game or something. then we get ready to get the kids from the bus. We leave 10 mins earlier if we are walking and she is too so she can explore. Depending on how everyone feels and the temp we stay out awhile or go in where the girls usually play together. I start dinner at 5, we eat. My 10 yr old does homework. We have showers, dessert(it used to be a snack until my husband got involved). Storytime, reading time starts around 7:15, getting ready for bed about 7:45 and hopefully bedtime at 8 for the 2 girls. My son sometimes can stay up a bit longer but then does his required 1/2 hr of reading. When the kids were younger we used to go with the flow more but with school and homework and a set wake up time for school the evening routine is more strict now.

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Hey, I have 2 children, a 3 yr old and a 6 month old. I don't really have a routine during the day to be honest. My daughter (3yrold) makes the decision most of the time because my son naps in the day, he has already got that set routine. Normally, morning is tidy up time for mummy, while baby has his nap and my daughter helps out sometimes or has tele time. After housework and some playtime we have lunch. Then in the afternoon we have arts n crafts or cooking (some sort of messy play). That's about as far as our daytime routine goes, we normally just make it up as we go along, which isn't for everyone and their babies thats just the way it suits us. At night my son is bathed, changed and in bed by 6 and my daughter by half past. They're normally asleep by 8ish (my daughter doesn't like staying in her own bed so trying to get her used to it) and the me and my hubby have the rest of the night to relax, which I think is really important. As much as we love the its nice to have a break.

Well, that's my situation, hope that helps! :)

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