I need ideas to entertained boys indoors or activities we can do outside or cheap activities...


Brandi - posted on 01/02/2010




My kids LOVE the play doh and anything arts/crafts related (for Christmas my daughter made Christmas ornaments (which we found at Wal mart for $5 for 48 of them and the Dollar Tree which everything there costs a dollar) I also keep some toys "up" so that if they have been extra good that day or are really bored I'll get that our (it usually contains PAINTS or finger paints, glitter/glue, you know the messy stuff) Even the play doh is kept put away and they have to ask to do that and if they have been extra good they may play that (I don't have time to be cleaning that crap out of the carpet EVERY day so it's a special treat. THEY LOVE IT) Definitely the dollar stores are a GREAT place to find TONS of stuff for kids to do that is cheap. Board games are a great indoor activity (if they kids are old enough You didn't mention that). Otherwise, encourage your kids to Play pretend. They have amazing imaginations and you could suggest that the couch is a bus picking up everyone who has to go to school or the chair is a phone booth, whatever. and watch their little minds GO!!! I am always soooo amazed and envious of my daughter's imagination ( i don't always feel like I have one) and it's gonna be a BLAST for you to watch and learn from your kids. :-)))

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Melissa - posted on 01/02/2010




My son's favorite activity was when I went to a furniture store and took home (free) a refrigerator box. He made it a spaceship one year, a house the next, etc. He spent countless hours coloring, decorating, and just using his imagination in it. Love it!

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you can get playdoo, coloring books an crayons get pop cicle sticks an make stuff, take them out in the snow to play snow well if you have snow where you live, depending on there age you can get ballons toddlers an ballons mix very well., well atleast for my son they do.

Alison - posted on 01/01/2010




i made bug boxes once. i just used clear small rubbermaid bins, then i researched bugs in our area and made a big book with hints of where to find them. lots of fun... and cheap... especially if you already have a container

Jackie - posted on 01/01/2010




Hit a dollar store!! Pick up stuff for crafts, paints, glue, stickers, ribbons and all that stuff. They have wood things you can paint too. You can pick up cheap games there too and you don't have to worry about losing parts.

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