I need some activity ideas please!

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I just started babysitting a four year old girl and I could really use some ideas for activitys to do. I have a two year old son, and the games I normally play with him are either too easy for her or she just isn't interested in. I take them to the park and to play groups in the mornings, but need some ideas for in the hot afternoons. Thanks everyone!


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Michelle - posted on 08/04/2010




I always picked up crafts at the craft store, that and preschool books when my boy was that age. He always enjoyed doing them. Finger paints have always been a favorite of his also, on poster board. Stick glue is best with someone that small, I only say this after having tried the regular glue with a 4 year old who got it all over the place. lol. Good luck!!!

Elizabeth - posted on 08/02/2010




I know you can look some stuff up on the net, but I really liked to do edible crafts for snack time when I was nannying or babysitting. It takes up some time, it's creative and it covers the snack! One thing is small pretzel sticks and spice drops, graham crackers and pb or colored frosting (depending on how sugary you want to go), etc.

Also, maybe you could set aside a half hour every day for an educational video. My lo loves 'Your Baby Can Read' and we take it to my friend's house where she has a 3 year old and she loves it too!

It's okay if you take time to play games on her level (counting games, memory games) even if your lo isn't keeping up yet. Yours will still most likely be interested!

Jeneva - posted on 08/01/2010




This website may give you some good ideas:


Also, have you tried asking her what she wants to do? Coloring, painting, that sort of thing. Are there splash pads around your area or wading pools? If you have a backyard sprinklers are great and not so worrisome for your little boy. Or just a water table on a balcony or something.

Armanda - posted on 08/01/2010




Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sand, and water seem to be enjoyed by many children this age. Have you tried making arts and crafts? My son loves to paint, use glitter and glue. Maybe try some kid friendly recipes. Have you tried the local library? Many of them have story times, and even arts/crafts, and toys the kids can play with. I have also found the pet store to be a cheap form of entertainment. My son would probably stay there all day just looking at the fish! Hope these help. =)

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