i need to lose weight for my health any ideas?i have no energy!

Valerie - posted on 11/15/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




i have had to failed back surgeries and i cant exercise.i dont know how to lose weight without hurting myself anymore than i already do hurt.i hurt bad.i am disabled and i have no energy.most days i cant move hardly.there are a couple of days that i can move but i have to try to clean the house and that hurts like you know what.i dont know what to do!


Stephanie - posted on 11/15/2009




Oh and I would gor for at least 10lbs a month to lose... but dont weigh in every week do it once a month.... You'll see more of an improvement then looking at the scale every week or couple of days...

Stephanie - posted on 11/15/2009




II've noticed walking helps alot.... Just try to walk for like I don't know 5mins then each day walk a little bit more try not taking a day off untill you get you strength up. I read in American Baby magazine that a short brisk walk when you feel like rather taking a nap works better then drinking a cup of coffee.... I've done it, it works. It'll probablly take you a little longer but don't give up! Then when you can take 30min walks a day add another kind of work out.... light lifting... I used soup cans when I was pregnant and just did stretching and light aerobics... Also stay away from fast food, salty food (already made frozen food), pop(if you must drink it cut down and switch to low sodiumand diet), cookies (lowfat or fat free would be okay), drink lots of juice and water, yogurt is very good....peanut butter is a good source of protein and it also helps curb your hunger....I was 189 when i gave birth to my daughter and I was like 175 when i walked out of the hospital that was 6 months ago... I'm 130 now... I went from a sz 14 to 6... breastfeeding helps burn an extra 500 calories so that's a help... but I walk 30-45min a day plus I do a 15-20 aerobic work out. And I watch what I eat..not saying I dont eat out sometimes or eat icecream I just do it in moderation.

Michelle - posted on 11/15/2009




not doing anything will only make it worse, u should start with walking...just short walks.... as often as u can. dont do the housework if u cant, just focus on slowly building ure strength by walking...pushing ureself too far is also going to make it worse.

and diet is VERY important too....u have to start watching everythimg u eat... no white starches, they only slow the weight loss process. eat lots of fresh fruits n veggies, LEAN meats only, ide stick to only fish n chicken. and FIBER is very important to get ure metabolism in gear!

Try going to a health food store (whole foods) and starting with a cleanse to flush all that built up crap in ure body out... it will give u a great boost!!!


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Joni - posted on 11/15/2009




If you aren't able to exercise, then a strict diet is the key. You can lose weight just by eating healthy. NOT A DIET, but change the way you eat. baked, broiled or grilled meats..stay away from Red meat..need lots of protein (chicken, fish, turkey). green veggies...stay away from corn (doesn't have any nutrious value). Fruits are okay too but eating too many of them is not good either because of the sugar. Cut out any soda or sugared drinks. Teas are fine, coffee is fine, and drink a lot of water..either 1% or fat free milk also. 2 % milk isn't much different than whole milk. Buy a healthy cookbook so you get ideas of what to make. I have two of the biggest loser cookbooks and they are GREAT!

Angela - posted on 11/15/2009




The best thing to do to take the pressure off your body is to go swimming, or do aerobics in water. Even if you just walk around in a pool it will help you have the resitance of the water. If you don't have a local indoor pool, find a local physical therapy place that has a pool with your back problems you probally could get your doctor to reccommend the hydro physical therapy then your health insurance would cover it.

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Definitely take a multi vitamin. Be careful about what you buy because most multi vitamins don't actually work. If you don't feel a difference when you take your vitamins as apposed to not taking the vitamins then the vitamins are no good and you are wasting your money! A good mulit vitamin will give you energy right away so you can begin to be active. It's hard to be active if you don't have the energy to be active and being active gives you more energy and will begin your weight loss goals. Here is a great site to get some information on healthy weight loss and other health related issues.


It's all about overall healthier products including awesome weight loss!

Good luck in your weight loss goals!

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a recumbant bicycle is the best piece of cardio equipment a person who has back issues can use to start losing weight. Walking now can be really tough on your joints and the angle that you sit on the bike helps eliminate the pressure you put on your knees and back. From there you can move on to walking and/or using an eliptical, definately throwing in some light weight training. If you have the funds, a certified personal trainer can be extremely beneficial. They know what they can do to help you lose weight and push you harder than you could yourself, they also have an infinite amount of knowledge when it comes to what excersise is best with your injury and what would benefit you nutritionally (since everone is different). Also don't "diet" because that implies doing something temporarily, start making lifestyle changes slowly, like cutting out high fat foods one week, then sugary foods the next, and so on. Good luck, you can do it!

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I'm telling you this from experience, lower your fat intake, and cut back on carbs. Carbs are a fat builder. If you are sedimentary due to your disablities, then carbs will only sit in your blood stream turn to fat and hence the weight. Carbs need to be burned. So therefore....cut them out!! With little exercise,little carbs, high protein and veggies...you should start to lose weight without effort! I lost 150lbs over a two year period just doing this.Good Luck and never never give up the fight!

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I got in horrible need to lose weight back several years ago...got up to 315lbs. For me, what worked was going vegetarian. I didn't exercise or take pills or anything like that...just ate fruits, veggies, beans/grains, and a little dairy. Once I felt a little better -a few months later, and a few pounds lighter, I started doing a little walking and yoga. After about 3 years and 100lbs lost, I started adding meat back into my diet...very lean meat like 93/7 ground turkey.

I still stick to that program of very lean meat once, maybe twice a week, vegetarian the rest. Before I lost the weight, I got so that moving hurt and I had no energy. What I did is not an overnight fix, it'll take some time. But you can safely lose weight this way. My doctor said not to lose more than 10% of your body weight in a year, and I lost right at 10% my first year. As long as you don't just love junk food, it shouldn't be too hard to go vegetarian. I love veggies, so it was really easy for me to kick meat. If you do decide to go vegetarian, make sure you take a good daily multi-vitamin to ensure you get enough iron and other nutrients.

You can do it! I've been there.

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