I Need To Vent!!!

Trey - posted on 07/23/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Situation, 2 kids (3yr and 1 yr) partner of 5 years (not married)
He works FT and has given advice to others, "Being a mother is the hardest job, Your partner should acknowledge this"

Oh boy, don't actions speak louder than words because he clearly was just saying this to hear the sound of his own voice!!

1.He never spends time with his children, but plenty of time to play pc games or go out and drink.
2. If I do leave the kids with him, he continues to play his games on the PC
3. Never helps with any chores or does dinner
4. Happy to jump in and help others before helping me at home
5. Expects me to be intimate and affectionate.
6. He puts on this 'act' in front of other people about being all 'daddy' this really, really erks me!
7.After 5 years in our relationship, he still keeps in contact with ex & other females. Generally texting/calling, when he's drunk or sometimes, during the day.
8.He was pissed off at me for getting on contraception (jadelle implant) when he fully knew that I was returning to study and work

I have tried every conceivable method to try and make this work. Praising when he does do something, I tell him about an apt and will leave the kids with him (although at times he will try and make me not go),made a deal with him that was broken, by him, only a day after. I have been intimate with him daily to encourage him, still no luck and I respectfully do not contact other ex's as we agreed, but no, the recent ph call to his ex was right after he text me to say let's have sex when he gets home (he was drunk) I text back yup cuddles, he calls her directly after!.. WTF! This has been sporadic in our relationship.

Ideas.. thoughts.. advice.. experiences...anything...will be appreciated


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Shauna - posted on 07/23/2012




I can understand your frustrtion, I know I would be very upset. he needs to respect what you both have agreed on. maybe give him the choices, a.. he respects you and stops the contact, or b... your done, because he can't let go of other women. My advice may be bad, but it doesn't seem like you repeating yourself isn't working. I'm sorry your going through that :(

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