I never get me time!

Ashley - posted on 09/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




when I was 20 yrs old I took on the role of step mom 9yrs l have added two more children to the addition, I love all my kids dearly but since my daughter was born an is now 4yrs old I don't go no where I don't have any friends, I DONT HAVE ME TIME, I can't go to the bathroom without a kid there. Sometimes I just feel like running away...we all no that's not possible cuz the few time an I mean few times I have gone out all I thought about was getting back to my kids but lately it's really catching up to me I cry all the time I'm horribly depressed. My husband loves me dearly but since we are a one car family, an the only car we have is his truck . He gets to leave an run around for hours an I stay at home he'll I don't even go to the grocery store but once a month I've told my husband I need time. Alone an his response is that will never be possible....I want to cry half the time I feel like I am a prisoner just I get to eat an shower when I want. Schools cool but I still have two children here an afternoons an weekends, breaks, an summer I spend my time breaking up fights mediating, my husband never steps in to help either I'm like the only one in this relationship I don't even have a hobby something I can do here to get away for a little while I'm at wits end what do I do?


Michelle - posted on 09/21/2013




I'm sorry but your husband is an ASS!!!!!! He helped create the children so he can bloody well help look after them. Where does he get off telling you that you will never have time for yourself?
Next time he is home I would just grab your bag and walk out the door. let him know you will be back in an hour or so. DON'T wait for an answer and DON'T ask him, just go. Go to a park or cafe and sit down, have a coffee or read a magazine. You have every right to have time to yourself.

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