I should have been more specific....

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My family has been really sick lately, but yesterday my hubby was feeling much better, so he offered to make a much needed run to the store for me. I made him out a list, and just as he was walking out, I realized we were out of bananas (definately a much needed item for my kids) So, I ran to the door and hollered for him to get "a bunch of bananas", meaning 1 bunch. Well my hubby thought I meant a whole lot of bananas, because a couple hours later when he comes walking in he has an entire grocery bag full of bananas! LOL We definately got a good laugh out of it, and my little monkeys are happy, because so far they had bananas with supper, for snack, and with breakfast!
Another time was about 4 years ago when my oldest was 3. We had a couple outside cats who were always trying to sneak inside. One day, when we were all walking in the house one of the cats managed to sneak in. Without even thinking I told my son to "throw the cat out" meaning to pick her up, take her out, and set her down gently. OOOPS! We had a flying cat before I realized what I had just said! Thankfully the cat wasn't hurt, but she never did try to sneak in after that. LOL
Anyone else have such brilliant moments?


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A few years back my sisters and I were all sitting at the table talking about how we needed to get back into shape. One of my sister's little boys piped up "Well round is a shape" We all started to laugh and his mother said "Yes, yes it is."
Another time my niece (3yrs old) was visiting with Nana and Papa. Papa told her that she was a "cutie pie". She put her hands on her hips and very seriously said "I no PIE Papa! I Kweesa (Kalisia)"


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yes, being specific is important. My friend had a little baby at the time, and needed cheese and dry soup mix for making dinner, her husband came back from the shops with a pack of four cup-a-soups and a pack of processed cheese slices. oh dear. oh well.

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same her with my hubby hun! we were new to dubai, and i asked him to get fresh milk,2 ltrs can....he did get 2 ltrs can,but it was yoghurt!!!got confused with the can...was the reason!!!!and baby cereal tins get confused with formula tins!!he is too bad at reading the labels.......its just that i have told him something and he looks at the shelves,finds something over there that resembles something at home..n it goes into his trolley!!!!!!!He is a B.E. and i say he knows to read only those to letters from A-Z!!!!!LOL!!

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lol that made me really chuckle because even after yrs of being married my dh would have done the same the stuff that man brings home is scary at times.

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Abbey doesn't like eating bananas as they r slimy, shakes are good tho. the other day she was scuffing her feet while we were out I turned to her and said pick up your feet, I tuned around soon after and she had her foot in her hand trying to pick it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, I guess I'll have to try all the banana suggestions another time. My 4 month old took a turn for the worse and ended up in the hosp, for 3 nighs with pnuemonia and reactive airway disease, and when we got back today there were only 2 bananas left! Guess it's time to send the hubby to the store again...

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Stephanie, I tried the banana shake recipe this morning. It is wonderful! Thank you!

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FROZEN BANANAS!!! i'm from Costa Rica, so we get REALLY good bananas here, i don't mean to brag, but we do get better bananas than most people, just cuz we get the ones that are "disposed", that can not be shipped for export, and well, the ones that stay, are the sweetest yummiest ones!!! so...
FROZEN BANANAS! when feel like they're gonna go bad, and you're just about to throw them out, think twice... peel then and wrap them in wax paper, and keep in the freezer, and after a few hs... frozen bananas!!! LOL

[deleted account]

When J was about 3 1/2 he had a sore throat and I was on the phone with my mom. He over heard me say, "He's got a frog in his throat."

He burst into tears and I had to hang up the phone to comfort him b/c he was sobbing so hard he was gasping. When I finally got him calmed down enough to speak I asked him what happened.

His reply: "I have a frog in my throat! I can't get it out!!"

I comforted him and tried to explain that it was an expression that meant he was a little hoarse because his throat was sore.

"Horse? but I'm not a horse mommy....I'm not going to be one am I?"

"No, it just means your voice sounds all croaky right now."

"Because I have a frog in it?"

"Yes." I replied without thinking, then his little eyes welled up with tears again, "Not a real frog, just a froggy sounding voice...." We eventually got it right, but it was a long day :P

Stephanie - posted on 03/01/2011




omg this definately made me laught! so funny! i dont think i have any brilliant moments though! im sure there will be some to come in the future

Kim - posted on 03/01/2011




My son was maybe 3 and he had a stomach bug. Shouldn't have told him that, he thought he had a real bug in his little tummy. :D

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The other day my daughter was jumping on the couch and I was aggravated b/c she wouldn't stop so I told her I was gonna build her a cage in the backyard with a tree and a tire swing and put her in it (cuz I call her a monkey lol) My son who is 7 looked up from spongebob and as serious as a heart attack said "Mom, I'll help you build it. She's getting on my nerves!" lmao I had to explain that I was joking and we would not be building a cage..I've never seen him look so disappointed lol.

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I do have to laugh at time with my husband over some of my Indiana slang because he is from Pakastain there are quiet a few times I just look at him and go "whhaaatt". One of the first few times this happend was shortly after we started dating, my husband went to a british grammer school so not everything translates well in american english. Needless to say he had been sick and missed a few days of work, I called him after he had been at work for a few hours to see how he was feeling and he responded, " I am all fixed." Of course I laughed and he was asking why everyone kept laughing when he said that. my response, "hun, I only thought animals got fixed but if you want to sign up for that could you at least wait a few more years."

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Once I sent my husband and his cousin for steak and prawns for dinner. They got 900g of prawns and 5 massive steaks (that you could cut in half and eat half each) for 4 people. Seriously.

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i love this story i laughed a good one!

hey you can keep bananas in the freezer peel them and stick them in a freezer bag. i put put 3 per bag.

good for pancakes or bread!

i make the kids banana pancakes!!

Banana Pancakes

mash 3 very ripe bananas up. put them in your favorite batter.add chocolate chips (after you pour them on the griddle) if ya want! they are supper yummy!!! i hope you enjoy them!

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Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh!

Earlier tonight we were sitting at the table talking about my 7 year old's first communion. She has to go to her first confession with a priest next week and is nervous about what to say. My 5 year old daughter didn't know what "confession" was all about, so I told her she had to tell the priest the bad things she has done so God will forgive her. She said "Oh - I'll say: Being sassy, fighting with my sister, saying "No" to my mom and dad, and then - now Mommy, I know you don't know about this, but pulling Minnie's (our dog) tail."
I was like "What? When did you pull the dog's tail?"
She said "Not today - but I do sometimes..."
So I guess I need to ask her about confession more often! At least she must have been feeling guilty about it!

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Just yesterday i asked my partner to go the shops fir mr. I wrote out a list, gave him the money, then forgot something on the list so called out to him dont forget coke. What did he come back with? Just coke! Nothing else on the list! He forgot the list was in his pocket! Sheesh lol

Also today my eldest of 3 (who is 4, 5 in oct) asked me why i had her little brothers. i asked
Why she wanted to know?. She replied "because i want to take them back to the zoo!"
(im always saying they are cheeky little monkeys ) lol gotta love what kids come out with!

By the way love the banana shake recipe, i think i may have to try it! :)

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When my niece was about two, we were going to the zoo and eating crackers in the car. When we got out of the car, we had a way to walk, so I handed her another cracker and said here one for the road. She proceeded to throw the cracker on the ground.

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My kids love toast with mashed bananas on top. We go through loads of bananas too :-)

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My husband just bought three big bunches of bananas yesterday lol. My kids have been sick a lot lately and haven't wanted to eat bananas. I doubt they will all get eaten in time before they go bad. I usually keep bananas that are going rotten to make banana bread. You can even freeze them to use for banana bread at another time.

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i remember when i was pregnant with my first son my man and i were staying at his moms for the weekend and i got a craving for Tim Hortons chocolate chip cookies which worked out because there was a Timmys a block and a half a way so i told my man i had a HUGE craving for the cookies and he came back with 3 dozen luckily he is a bit of a junk food junky so no cookie was wasted

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Too funny! I'll have to think on this one for a while and see if I can remember something good to post. Do you need some recipes for bananas? I have a few good ones. : )

Banana Shake-

Bananas (about 3)

Sugar to taste



Milk (Fill it up)

A few ice cubes so it's super cold when served.

***Throw it all in the blender and mix for a minute or so. It will be really foamy on top and so delicious. Makes a great breakfast drink, too.***

Fried Bananas:

Cut bananas length ways and sautee until lightly browned and carmelized. Serve with 'sweetened condensed milk' over them.

Easy & Delicious! : ) ♥

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