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Kate - posted on 03/13/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi I'm a SAHM but I also take care of children in my home. I'm concerned about the one I have. They are 18 mos. old. They have been in my care since they we're 5 mos. I think there is an anxiety disorder here? This child does not play really with the toys I have. The hands are constantly writhing. If I walk into the kitchen, go to the bathroom, walk into a room I am always followed. They won't even parallel ply they just stand there, I try to engage but then the little face gets all unsure looking and the hands start to writh with worry. The only time this child seems somewhat calm is if I put a child's program on. I have something on now and I have them standing like a statue next to me not moving. There are no signs that I can tell of being on the Autistic Spectrum. They speak better than the others I watch even my own for their age. They're just tight as a tick and seem really stressed. I've mentioned it to both M and D and nothing has been done. Any suggestions on what I can do?


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Deborah - posted on 03/14/2009




Does the child show anxiety when he/she is dropped off by the parents? There are many levels of Autism and just because the language is strong does not mean he/she doesn't have it. Of course from what you describe I can't see that as Autism. It really sounds more like a phase he/she is going through unless this has been going on for a long time. And the only thing you can do is bring up your concern to the parents and if they don't think there is any problem then there really isn't much you can do.

Kate CP - posted on 03/13/2009




Well it sounds like something is going on at home. But if Mom and Dad can't or won't do anything about it then there may not be a lot you can do. Have you tried some more inter-active activities like shape matching or exploring textures?

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