I want to destroy his XBOX 360!!!!!!

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I'm a SAHM and my husband work 12hr a day for 4 days every wk. When he gets home he plays games online until dinner is served then he watches some TV Show w/o turning the console off after dinner he goes back and finishes playing until 11pm meanwhile taking all day with his online friends on his stupid headset. On his 4 days off he wake up at 8 and he goes straight to playing games ALL DAY until 1am if i'm lucky. He hardly wants to ever go out b/c he this is his time off and he wants to rest, if i have to go somewhere he prefers i take the baby with me or he will only take care of her is she need to be bottlefeed or is abt to take a nap. He thinks that b/c we live under the same roof and sleep together that is our together time....it's gotten so bad to were the other day i rented a movie and decised we could have some "us" time well he watch -the ugly truth- but as soon as it was over he got back on his xbox and was like "hey man i'm back just watching a movie with my girl" it was 12 at night!!!!!!!! When i tell him how he know more abt his buddies he haven't even meet then me whom he has a child and lives with his answer is -well do u like game? No see we don't have anything incommon- Are you serious!!!


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I'm with ya sister. Though my hubs doesn't use the online or live xbox, he does play games pretty frequently and it bugs me. Right now he even has the stupid thing set up to our bedroom TV, so when I try to go to bed at night, after dealing with a 19 month old all day (and being 8 months pregnant...) I have to try to fall asleep to the sounds of a world war gun battle. I hate that stupid box and I try to hit it now and then with the vacuum cleaner hoping it'll get a jolt and quit working...but so far no luck. If your husband is that distant from you, do you think counseling might help? Or would he resist?


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Laura - posted on 11/16/2009




i know how you feel im in the same place my daughters dad gets home from work and than stright to the xbox all day we dont even sleep in the same bed because he falls asleep while playing. I have to pressure him into taking care of her at times saying hurtful things even if i dont mean it. Like dont you want to spend time with your daughter, your daughter doesnt even know who you are. But my friend told me is that some dads just dont know and are scared of taking care of such a tiny fragile baby. I think its a load of poo. so sometimes i hide his controlles and head sets so that he has to spend time with us lol i dont like to do it that way but it gets my point across. Not very helpful but wanted to let you know your not alone.

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Oh girl, I COMPLETELY understand!!!!!!!! Everything you just said was my Husband to a tee!!!!!!! It is absolutely not ok for him to be that way!!!! You and your child are his family and number 1 priority in life!!!!! He can play games here and there but that is not what he should be doing all the time when he's not working. Nope, not ok. My Husband used to pull the same crap and I put my foot down and kept on bitching and told him that I was going to go stay with my Dad for a while if he had no interest in spending time with his family. He told me to go and he was sick of my nagging until he realized I was actually going to leave. He still doesnt want to ever watch our son but the xbox crap is no more. He just got that new game modern warfare 2 and I gave him the first week to play as much as he wanted but after that it was done. We have family time and he just has to suck it up. Do not let him make you feel like you dont deserve things, like his company or respect. He needs to respect you and the life you have and quit being so damn selfish. Sorry, I just know exactly what youre going through so I get a bit wound up ya know. Just stay strong and remember that you dont want to show your daughter that its ok to be treated like this. If thats what she sees growing up then thats what shes going to choose. remember that when youre trying to talk to him and he wont listen or tries to shut you up with his hurtful and rude comments. Good luck girl.

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i have and he says for what we are ok....he is on it as we speak i told him i wanted to head to bed if he wanted to join me and he stated that no but he did get off his xbox for 15 min to rest his eyes and he is on back again!!!!!

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