i want to develop reading habits in my son. he is 5 months old and i plan to introduce him with books, would that help.

Faiqa - posted on 03/27/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




i myself am a reader and i love books, all kinds of books! i want the same in ny son, i dislike boys running around wasting times, i want my baby to have something to do when he feels he has free time, i want him to read books, and develop an interest in books. would introducing him to books at this time help?


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Kathy - posted on 05/01/2014




Yes reading to him at this young age well help to grow a love for reading. I started reading to my oldest son at around 4mths. He liked the sound of my voice but I only knew so many lullabies to sing him to sleep. So I went and got a few Dr.suess books and started reading to get him to fall asleep. At the time I didn't know that I was doing good and developing a love for reading. He is 5 now in prek and loves reading. His teacher says he is advanced in reading big time. He now has a big book shelve with 150+ books on it. Just yesterday he got one and was laying on the couch looking for his sight words and sounding them out. My youngest son is 2yrs old and has tons of books too. He always has a book in his hand. Wants any who is over visiting to read books to him. It well help a lot. He'll grow to love reading if you just simply start reading a book at bedtime everyday. Both of mine like 2-3 a piece read to them every night before they'll go to bed. I love it.

Michelle - posted on 04/23/2014




All you need to do is read to him at this age. As he gets older continue reading to him. Let him see YOU reading to yourself. Have books around the house. Take him to storytime at the library. Don't pressure him as he gets older. As long as you read to him, talk to him about the story, create stories together, let him color and tell you the story and ask him questions about what he draws he will eventually love reading. Be positive, not pushy.

I have four boys age 10 years to 6 years old. My first two (twins) were a little delayed since they were preemies and I never thought they would learn the alphabet and read. Guess what? In kindergarten they learned their alphabet and slowly started to read. Sometime in 1st grade it clicked and they started reading like crazy. They haven't stopped and have very good reading and writing skills. My middle child also didn't really know his alphabet until kindergarten, but once reading clicked it clicked. He's in 2nd grade now and in the advance reading group and reads way above his level. My kinder is going through the same thing. Didn't really know the alphabet until kinder. Is sort of reading. I'm hoping it will click in 1st grade just like his brothers.

BTW, when my boys were younger I always did the pre-k workbooks, they went to pre-k, but they had no interest in reading, just me reading to them. You can't force it just always show interest in the subject and read with them.

The teachers and reading aides always have told me that by 3rd grade no matter if you were ahead or behind most kids end up at the same level. And that's what I have seen. Also, there have been studies showing that when kids are really young and developing their brain focuses on either 'math' or 'reading'. With my boys that seems to be true. They all were interested in more math than reading. Than it was more reading than math.

Sarah - posted on 03/29/2014




Reading to your child at any age is good. As for him having a love for books and being just like you in that avenue all depends on his personality and his likes and dislikes and that is something you can't control. Running around is not wasting time. Being active helps brain development, learning, and keeping a healthy body. Some boys are more your "bookworms" where as others are more your "jocks". Both can be smart and healthy, but each has their interests.

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