I want to start a moms group how do I get started?

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I am a at home mom that feels being a part of something would be a great help in my life. I can't help but to feel that the way I feel could also be shared by others I know, so I want to start a moms group. I was looking for help or info on how to do so , any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Another great place to look and/or start a group is meetup.com! It's HUGE! There are so many different kinds of groups on there & you can start ANY kind of group you want! As an adult it's really hard to find people with the same interests & this is the place to do it! I have made some wonderful friends this way. It was started after 9/11 by a guy who really wasn't much of a people person, but discovered getting out & away from the computers & getting to know your neighbors was actually really great! Very heart warming story & it has spread ALL over!

Michelle - posted on 09/25/2012




MOPS is a great group to start and MOPS is NOT just for Mothers Of PreSchoolers. If you read their website it is now for MOMS of all ages from conception to Kindergarten and also MOPS now has arm chapters: MOMSnext which is for mothers of school age children and you did not have to be a part of MOPS to be a part of MOMSnext, there is also a Teen MOPS. Also once you have a MOPS chapter (charter fee paid) there is no extra cost to have the other groups, so MOPS has become so much more. It's original start was for Mothers Of PreSchoolers, but now it is much much more. I am looking to start MOPS in my area. It has been in my experience with the exception of one group that all the MOMS groups I have been to has turned into a gossip session and click - ish, I don't want that. I would like to see and form a sister hood of support led thru each other by faith. To learn to be a better leader and be the best mom that I can be. Alot of MOMS groups fizzle out because not everyone feels welcome alot of times. One thing to remember is to keep an open mind, be welcoming and nonjudgemental. Not a one of us know what any of us have been through to get where we are now. The purpose of any of these groups is to support each other and learn to be the best mom/parent that we can be. I think alot of times we all lose sight of that. If you stop to think about it, most people only turn to GOD when everything is falling apart. A MOMS group or MOPS group should always have some type of devotional. We are women of God, and we are strong. We are the nuturer's of the family. Together as one think of how powerful we could be for those who need us. Just a simple prayer to give strength to those who need it, peace to those who would like to receive it ( I feel that is most of us) and protection to those who have no one, who are homeless and hungry.

There are those who will just want a group that you can get together and play and gossip, there are those who will want to be a part of something that has a goal and a purpose. WHich ever one it is you chose, make it count. ~ (steps off soapbox) Katherine

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I started one at our library. We already had a mom & tot reading club, so I started attending that. Then I got the idea for a mom's reading club, so I spoke to the library administration about it.

We organized the layout--tots would go to one room for reading, music, and/or a craft (depending on budget) and mom's would go next door for a more adult oriented book discussion.

We then used the library's website to advertise and to announce what book we would be discussing so that moms could read it before they came.

From that, informal playgroups began to form. The moms who had kids close in age (which ended up being most of us) started to meet for playdates at the park, McDonalds, and such. As we got to know each other better, we started meeting in our homes. We use Facebook to organize events.

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If there isn't a local group for you, they have info on their site about starting one up. This is an international club just for Stay at Home Moms. Each chapter has their own events and activities, but they usually do play dates and things like a book club or a recipe club and they organize outings and Moms Night Out. Except for the Moms Night Out, children are welcomed and expected at all events.

I have also joined MOPS, but my experience so far has been that since Moms Club is for SAHM's and MOPS is for any mom of a preschooler I have more in common with the mom's in Moms Club.

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I have also been thinking of starting my own moms club. I have done some research and there is no place around my area. I thought about starting a chapter from MOPS but that cost some money to start up, so I might just start one on my own. However i am from a very small community and am afraid of no one joining so... its still in the process.

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Stand for a minute in church and ask other women to share their email address and phone number if they'd be interested in getting together while your kids play, or meeting somewhere once a month over a Frosty to chat...

If you shop at a second-hand store with kid items, ask the manager if you can post a flyer with your email address on it where other moms will see it...


Introduce yourself to another mom while you're standing in the checkout line. Especially if you both have a child with you, ask them if they live in the area and if they know how you might find a play group...

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Perhaps there is a local pregnancy center that already has one started or community groups like M.O.P.S. or something. If you want to start your own I would try posting ads around town and see if anyone is interested, or put a post on your facebook or craigslist.

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Like Lori A, I am in my local MOMS Club chapter as well. I'm also a SAHM and I love our group! Definitely check them out in your area ;).

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You can also check out MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) at mops.org- they have a feature that you can look up groups in your area by putting in your zip code. They're an international organization. If there's not a group near you, you can also look into starting a group in your area- details at the website.

The link for the zip code look-up page at MOPS is: http://www1.mops.org/web/web_group_searc...

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You could mail or distribute fliers to your neighborhood. Even if you don't have kids in school, you could start with your local elementary school. You'll find a lot of moms ther with small children and babies.

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I would check online or your local community paper for moms groups/clubs. I am co-chair for the moms group in my area and we are always looking for more members. We meet a couple times a month at our local fitness center as well as have childrens/family activities, moms night out, a book club and a childrens library story time. Our group (about 30 moms) also has a pie baking fundraiser every fall and donate 90 percent of our funds to local charities, this year we have about $3000 to donate! I hope you are able to find one to join or are able to start one up yourself. The women in my group are my life line, I moved to this area 6 years ago and knew absolutely no one. I can honestly say that some of these girls are the best friends I've had since childhood. Good luck !!

Stephanie - posted on 02/07/2012




Crystal do you know if they hold meetings in my area/or what site I look on for it?

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