i want to vent please

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I try to eat healthy, I know most of the food I should eat to be healthy fruit, veg etc but I keep giving up caring and start on chocolate and lots of it, Iv had serval teaspoons of honey, different fruit today to try curb sugar cravings. If I go to the doctors saying whats getting me down there proberly put me on antidepressents and i really dont want to again. I want to get my stomach down and toned but I seem to eat too much that im bloated every evening and i look about 3mths pregnant even though im not.
Iv got so much stressing me atm, and also trying to potty train my 2 and half yr old --- this evening while she weed in her trousers even though in the bathroom and got a potty there she cried and cried and i was abit stuck that i was going toliet aswell lol. She is off the dummy for good now I hope :) now just trying to get her into a adult size bed from a cot (appently I really liked the cot when I was younger cos of being secure in it, iv fallen out of bed a couple times when being a adult lol)and potty training.


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Charlotte - posted on 06/28/2011




Thanks for the replys, Im trying to drink more water and stay away from junk fingers crossed lol. I will look on that thread todo with mums enjoying to vent.

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First of all give yourself some credit. I get so bloated people ask me if I'm pregnant!!!!! It's so effing embarrassing! I'm so skinny everywhere else but I have a gut like nobody's business from my 2yo still.

Second of all come join this community: http://www.circleofmoms.com/moms-who-nee...

Third of all I'm PT my 2yo too. It's a battle!I have heard from so many people that the go naked way is the way to go. I've heard not ONE thing bad about it. You just let your kid run naked and in 3 days they're trained.

The only thing is that you can't put underwear or diapers on for 3 months because they associate underwear with diapers. In 3 months they will be able to wear undies and job done.

I am going to try it.

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Dont beat yourself up! Potty training is AWEFUL! My daughter just turned 4 in May, and she still pees he messes her pants at times...Drives me insain because I know she knows.

Now as for your body...BE PROUD! Your body has done something amazing with growing a human. To many times as Moms we beat ourselves up over not looking like we used to. Your an amazing person to grow a person. After 3 babies I hate my body alot of times, but I am proud of it at the sametime. Every "bad" thing about it was made outta love! My stretch marks, my no longer flat tummy, my deflatted airbags, my larger then I like hips...all proof that my body is an amazing tool, and I did something that many ppl couldnt! Wear it with pride! (Yes, I give myself this peptalk alot anymore, there are times I pig out on nothing but sweets all day, or forget to eat all together, I look like I'm pregnant again, or I wish I looked as good as when my husband found me, but every mark reminds me of my greatest loves) I hope this helps, I know its not much.

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The best way to loose weight is to stop thinking you are on a diet. Make it a lifestyle change because as soon as you finish the diet you go back to your old ways.
Make sure you have healthy snacks ready (ones you don't have to spend time preparing). Cut up a whole heap of carrot sticks and keep them in water in the fridge. Cut out butter/margarine for toast and sandwiches. A great sweet snack is to slice up banana on a slice of toast (NO butter) and then drizzle with honey.
Take a walk as well if you're feeling stressed. Put your daughter in a stroller/pram and go for a walk. It's great to destress and gives you some exercise at the same time. The fresh air is also great in helping with depression. Just a few changes and you'll be amazed in how different you feel.

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Charlotte I love chocolate and sweets too ( especially donuts and cookies lol) but if I had more inforation of how you can get more toned and lose 2-3 dress sizes in 10 mins and get your body and health back...without diet, exercise, pills, or surgery would you be interested???

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