i yell, i scream....

Jennifer - posted on 05/04/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




i stay home with my 1yr old and 2 yr old and i have a 6 and 8 yr old in school as well, some days i just want to throw in the towel, i yell, i scream, i am not the role model i want to be. but then i take step back, take a breath and remind myself and my kids that is not the way to handle a stressful situation, i get us all involved in some thing like play-doh or playing in the back yard, i let myself forget for a while that laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting and making dinner needs done and then i just survive and try my best to do my best for now....


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Bridget - posted on 05/05/2011




i have a five four and two year old and they have been awful lately. they are fighting with each other especially my older two. and my four year old for some reason has been giving me some issues with listening but we are working on it and things are getting alot better so i know everything will be ok. staying at home with them is the best decsion that i could have made for them and i really do try to enjoy it as much as i possibly can :)

Constance - posted on 05/04/2011




I am right with you. 15, 10, 7,and 6. I can get really stressed out ut I do find away to forget about things that maybe aren't so horriable to wait. I love how no matter how stressed I get my kids always find ways to make me laugh. Even if it is one of their fiends getting in trouble for breaking a house rule and saying I'm sorry. I love you! Just to ty to get out of reading the rules outloud to remind everyone of the rules. Kids are always the best medicine.

Karen - posted on 05/04/2011




Me too! 7, 6, 4 and 1 on the way. It's a stressful job and what's funny is, kids may stress you out, but they can be your best medicine as well. Nothing helps better than a long hug and some quality time with them. No matter how messy the house is lol.

Jennifer - posted on 05/04/2011




Wow, you just described me. The only difference is that my kids are 7,6,3, and 7mo.

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